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White Supremacy And Racism ~ By Onyedika Okeke

From Our Contributor


As a Black African man, it breaks my heart to see the effect of white supremacy destroy the growth and development of our society.

Without going into details of how they entered Africa using every necessary means available to them just to enslave our minds into believing that we are inferior because of the colour of our skin.  They have used the hunger for power, religion and life style to keep us caged.

As generation goes, the same problem is still passed down to the new ones,

They have created the havoc in our nations, put who they can control in power, then take advantage of the situation to their own benefit.  But we allowed that!

The moment when a black man calls a fellow black man a foreigner, beat him like an animal and burn his property in the same continent largely occupied by Black population, who do we blame for that?

When we go on social media and show the world how much we black people hate ourselves, how do we expect to be free from this slavery of the mind?

During elections when they choose their man in power, they will buy the vote with small penny because they know that an average black man only thinks about himself and not the effect of their decision on others even on their own children.

Who do we blame for that?

When we make movies, we still show them how much we hate our brother’s success, how far we can go to destroy them even if it means using ritual means.

Who do we blame for not being able to stay in a quiet neighbourhood without fighting one another or causing unrest?

In as much that we hate being called Monkeys or niggas, we have done more to ourselves than they did to us. A friend of mine told me that no matter how much we preach love, things will never change, But I find it hard to believe that.

We need to ignore what they call us or the comment they make on our posts or on theirs about us, and focus on how we treat our brothers and the pattern we set for generations to come.

We should remove that mindset of trying to acquire wealth just for the sake of intimidating other people and commanding fear from your own brothers.

What do we do to prove to the Whites that we are not what they think we are?

They have made life easy for themselves, they have made time to go on vacations, they have made time to bond with their children, they have provided a comfortable environment for the development of their children , while a black person works round the clock without taking time off for important things allowing stress to add more to the way we think as a normal human.

Who do we blame for that?

I don’t believe in White supremacy, what we are suffering from is Black ignorance.

It is time to break free from mental slavery.

It is time every Black person stops fighting for a war we know nothing about.

This is the time to grow and develop the mind rather than focusing on who’s dominating.

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