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Who is Ike Ekweremadu? – by Benjamin Obiajulu Aduba

Ekweremadu delivered key note address at World Igbo Congress; WIC did not succumb to Obiano’s entreaty & charm offensive. I hope he learned his lesson.

According to internet sources, the Governor of Anambra State, Mr. Willie Obiano at the just concluded World Igbo Congress convention held in New York asked “Who is Ike Ekweremadu?” 

I must confess that I was shocked that a governor of SE Nigeria and an Igbo does not know who Ekweremadu is. 

But since he does not know, it behooves us to teach him in the famous Igbo saying such as “onye amaghi ibe ezi ya (Ibezimako)”. 

If one does not know his peers should teach him.

Mr. Obiano, please permit me to introduce to you, Mr. Ikechukwu Ekweremadu, Ikeoha of Igbo land. 

He is from Mpu in Aninri Local government where he started his political career as LG member. 

He is currently the Deputy Senate President and the highest ranking political operative from SE, in Abuja Nigeria. 

He has been elected the Deputy Senate President three times by HIS PEERS and is either number 5 or 6 in the succession to the presidency. 

He has served as the Speaker of the Economic Community of West Africa States (ECOWAS), a multinational organization. 

He is an attorney in his day job and practices with an earned Master’s degree in law and holds a PhD (I am not sure if it is earned or awarded). 

He has served as the senator for Enugu West since 2003. 

[Full disclosure: I have feuded with Senator Ekweremadu about his constituency services especially for his failure to use his considerable powers to get the only federal road that starts and ends in his Enugu West constituency, the Oji River-Awgu Road rehabilitated. 

It is major stain on his otherwise good record] But my feuding with him does not stop me from seeing him as a man of timber and caliber as the late K. O. Mbadiwe would say.

Yes, Mr. Obiano your hunch is correct. Mr. Ekweremadu is a WAWA man from Enugu state. He is the son of the carpenter.

Mr. Ekweremadu, please permit me to introduce Mr. Willie Obiano. 

Although you did not ask to be introduced to Obiano the rules demand that I do so. 

Mr. Willie Obiano is one of the current holders of the betrayal flag that was initiated by Samuel Ladoke Akintola who betrayed his mentor Mr. Obafemi Awolowo, and handed the flag to Mr. Chimaroke Nnamani who betrayed his mentor Mr. James Nwobodo, and passed the flag to Mr. Kingsley Chime who returned the favor to Mr. Nnamani and now passed the flag to Mr. Obiano who on taking office turned on his mentor Governor Peter Obi. 

Mr. Obi is/was arguably the best thing that happened to Anambra ever since the creation of the state. 

He was a man with considerable political skills who was elected as the chairman of Nigeria’s Governor’s Council twice even though he was the sole APGA governor among the group. 

The council has not been the same since his chairmanship. 

Mr. Obi ruled Anambra without a single member of his party in the House and was still able to build roads, schools, health institutions, spread development to Anambra East, West North, and South; 

Was never suspected of looting, was humble and saintly. 

Yet Mr. Obiano failed to pay his respects instead he went to war to soil Mr. Obi’s name and legacy. 

As was common with the traitors already named in this essay, he believes that the way to the top is by tearing others down instead of standing on their shoulders to become a giant. 

Mr. Obiano like Mr. Buhari has favorite LGAs that desire and deserve his attention to the detriment of others. 

His day job is a banker. (Full disclosure: I am a fan of Governor Obi)

Gentlemen shake hands (even if you had refused to shake hands in NY)

What brought about Mr. Obiano’s ignorance of who Ekweremadu is?

1.   Uncontrolled youthful ambition. The type that plagued Akintola et al.

2.   Inability to join the queue but the desire to jump the queue. The desire to be the Igbo spokesman even though he has failed to stake out a position or make any well know statement on Biafra and other Igbo issues.

3.   Maybe inferiority complex. Otherwise why would he ever question his predecessor, Obi’s leadership?

We are all entitled to make mistakes. It is inevitable and mistakes should be forgiven especially if the villain learns from it. 

For Mr. Obiano the lessons from his constant quarrel with his superiors are (a) The Igbo do not need divisions. 

They need unity in leadership. His disrespect of Ikeoha Ekweremadu does not augur well with Igbo leadership. 

He does not necessarily have to agree with the senator but should do so without being disagreeable. 

(b) You build on the foundation laid for you so that your efforts lead to a new floor. 

(c) The history of a state, a nation, a people is a progression comprising of ups and downs. 

(d) What we called ITK in our Primary School days (I Too Know) is often bad. Walk gently and carry a big stick. If you are good; your turn will come.

I am glad that Mr. Ekweremadu eventually delivered the key note address at World Igbo Congress’s convention and that WIC did not succumb to Mr. Obiano’s entreaty and charm offensive. 

I hope that Mr. Obiano would have learned his lesson.

If he did it will be a good thing.

Benjamin Obiajulu Aduba, Boston, Massachusetts

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