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Who is next on Code of Conduct Bureau’s queue?

sarakiI wish I can maintain my taciturn mode and pretend like a second class citizen doing his thing without giving a hoot about the country’s malignant shameful

occurrence especially as it concerns the Politico dramatic wave that has engulfed the atmosphere lately.

I hold nothing against those at the helm whose road maps is devoid of any tangible enterprise to the building of the country and the people therein. After all, we have been wallowing in abject pity and lack of focus for a meaningful development. Once, we had a quintessential personality who resolved to work without noise making, but like the shallow mentality lot of us parade, we chased him out and bought a mantra which has remained unreal and gradually sliding into oblivion. Shame of a Nation!

Creating a rancorous atmosphere and selling an abominable and deceitful dummy to the populace to purchase is nothing short of wickedness and wizardry. Same will continue for just but a little period because, when there is too much dirt in the soup, a blind will suddenly receive miracle and acknowledge that, after all, all the pebbles are not crayfish. Time will tell very soon!

Saraki! Saraki!! Saraki!!!  You should have known better when you pulled the rug off your benefactor’s feet. You should have retraced your steps when it was obvious that you were not needed at the hollow chamber, you should have read the sign on the wall with the bold finger and interpreted it before it vanished away. 

What were you thinking when your body odor all of a sudden started oozing and irritating the entire circle of APC? Did you ever considered the fact that despite your amphibian nature and turn-around metamorphosis of political cross-carpeting will sway the hateful maxim already christened on your image? Haba, please spare such belief and retrace your steps now, the earlier the better!

I am quite certain former Senate President David Mark will be next on queue. Isn’t it so amazing that the Code of Conduct Bureau Parastatal (CCB) all of a sudden resurrected from their domicile docility and has now become the Villa bull with thousands of Dracula tooth chasing every perceived opposition? One thing is synonymous with the ideology of our rulers, basking in same form of political moju-moju which is an indication that they all lacked what it takes to lead the country; diversionary tactics that will swallow time and leave the challenges of the country on the platform without attending to it as the entire tenure elapses. While we continue to mourn the emergence of 1960 Independence with lots of regret, we await the next person on queue for CCB gallows. 

So I ask: who is next???

Prince Chux Davix, kconceptmate@yahoo.com

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