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Who will Succeed Nnia Nwodo in 2021? (Part 2)

By Paul Ikechukwu Njoku

I made it succinctly clear in the part-1 episode of this series that Ndigbo need a more competent and resilient Igbonian who would succeed the current President-General of Ohaneze Ndigbo, Chief Nnia Nwodo, come January 2021 for the restoration of the denied dignity, unification, equity, justice, value system, characterization and protectiveness of the Igbo from the unbridled emissary of enslavement, gross marginalization and servitude of second-class citizenry melted out against Ndigbo as worsened in the Buhari-led Federal Government.

By January 2021, the next President-General of Ohaneze Ndigbo will rotationally be elected and emerged from Imo State hence the quest for a man of testicular fortitude, honesty, humility, transparency, bravery and dignity devoid of money-bag politics, emotions and sentiments.

However, in my lexicon of candid opinion, conscience, thought and instincts, I have recommendedly suggested that a certain retired Major General Collins Remy Ihekire of Imo State whom I strongly believe that he possesses the superb aforementioned leadership personality traits and therefore should be hunted wherever he is based and compelled by the Igbo Sons and daughters Worldwide to lead Ndigbo to the promised land.

The author, Comrade Paul Ikechukwu Njoku

I have read and listened to his numerous print and electrovisual media interviews on self-determination, resource-control, economic restructuring and true fiscal federalism.

A leader is humbly elected, chosen and validated by the led. General Ihekire should be collectively elected and chosen to lead Ndigbo for restoration of our dignity, protection of our territorial inheritance and human lives against the Sokoto caliphate. In my view, he is a master strategist and champion of community policing. A homeland security magnet of his type should not be ignored by the Igbo elites and ruling class. As a matter of strict urgency, Igbo Youth Worldwide, should rise and sought a representation in General Ihekire.

I have clinically studied his antecedents and sojourn of life as documented by Google. I am also aware of his utter dislike for politics and politicking. He might not be perhaps interested to join in the Presidency of Ohaneze Ndigbo race but must be advised to do the needful for a proof of sacrifice showed to the Igbo in the past and presence courtesy of his brotherhood, unmitigated contributions and passionate patriotism. He is an essential importance for the race as the leadership of Ohaneze Ndigbo remains an object of divisive figure, controversy and sabotage.

The paradox of the role of any President-General of Ohaneze Ndigbo differs. Today, the practice and promotion of social injustice in Ohaneze leadership have become a topical issue. This is because of the many acts of injustice perpetuated by man against man in the name of ego, super ego and monopoly of expert dominant knowledge which have equally aroused the indignation and condemnation from different quarters in Igboland.

One of the forms of injustice that exists in the Apex Igbo Socio-Cultural Organisation otherwise Ohaneze Ndigbo is exploitation that is taking advantage of ones trust or natural handicaps to unfairly gain at its expense or placing another at unfair disadvantages to competitive or cooperate undertakings to misplacement of the core Igbotic value system and imprudence.

Ndigbo need an inspired leader capable of addressing problems of the Igbo as we have not only been bitterly invaded and conquered by the Janjaweed elements of the federal myth but grossly enslaved and bitterly raped by the Fulani caliphate and their appendages. Human Rights of Ndigbo have come under serious and sustained attacks.

This is manifested in the ongoing invasion, genocide, ethnic cleansing, forced almajiri migration to the Igboland, land-grabbing, structural injustice, discrimination, brutal killing, kidnapping, lopsided appointments, imprisonment, incarceration of dissenters and denial of opportunity even when the desire for equality is universal whilst the principle of national character commission is of a written statute. Sad to say the very fact that the idea of relegation, intimidation, discrimination and the fraught of socio-economic tribalism against Ndigbo have done more damage than good to us. The inequality has continued to cause devastation amidst established marginalization, intimidation, exploitation and negligence.

The President Muhammadu Buhari-led government is indeed yet to heed the call for respect to life, due process, respect to court orders, liberty and pursuit of inter-tribal economic unity and tolerance. Igbos have been turned to the modern day slavery occasioned by the Fulani Oligarchy to the utter denigration of the helpless Southeast governors.

Most of these gruesome areas of violation and unbearable discriminations against Ndigbo shall be significantly addressed by the uniqueness of the balls in Mr. Ihekire. He is not just a combatant officer, he also engages in intellectual pursuit in both military and none military issues. I shall possibly endeavor to reliably source his academic vitae with international and national awards in the next episode of this series as he deploys his intellectual assistance to contributing to the national development and frontiers of Knowledge and wisdom. Ndigbo should watch Major-General Collins Ihekire.

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