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Whose script is gov. Nyesom Wike acting? ~ BRM

A pro Biafra movement, operating under the umbrella of Biafra Restoration Movement has vehemently condemned the recent genocide that is presently going on in Oyigbo Rivers State under the supervision of governor Nyesom Wike and the Nigerian army.

The group in a press statement sent to ElombahNews and signed by its publicity secretary, Mazi Uwalaka Maduka said that the idea of blaming IPOB for a protests that was hijacked by hoodlums was wrong. 

BRM further said Wike is obviously acting a script with his declaration of war on Ndigbo in the name of fighting IPOB members.

BRM said, “Biafra Restoration Movement (BRM) operators of the famous Radio Biafra International (RBi) condemns in strong terms the ethnic and hate based instigated profiling of Ndigbo in River State under the pretext of hunting for members of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) in River State by Gov. Nyesom Wike and his cabinet.

“It’s clear even to the blind that Wike is obviously acting a script with his declaration of war on Ndigbo in the name of fighting IPOB members. We all know that the recent #EndSARS protests that became violent at a time and led to torching of Police Stations and harming of members of the security forces in most states of the federation involved the participation of all and sundry. How Wike quickly without any investigation concluded that IPOB members exclusively carried out the burning of stations and the killing of security officers in River State shows the governor is clearly on a mission. Is Wike also insinuating that IPOB members carried out mayhem in other states? The truth is that the protest was hijacked by hoodlums sponsored by Politicians like Wike and not by IPOB or Ndigbo

“Although the mission of the governor is not clear. But the way and manner he and his cabinet members are going about it points to one outcome: Deal with Ndigbo and yet rewarded posture.

“Already, the governor has hit the ground running with the assigned task. He has ordered his Local Government Chairmen to ‘’Fish Out’’ Ndigbo under the pretext of IPOB members within their domain. He has promised to pay N20m each to the families of the security forces killed by IPOB members. The most childish is his attempts to always link IPOB members to cultism. And in keeping with the task that must be done, he also prevailed on the Commissioner of Police in the state, Joseph Mukan to add his voice by ‘’ordering Ndigbo under the pretext of IPOB to relocate from the state or get treated as terrorists’’. It’s obvious that the governor is clearly inciting hatred against Ndigbo by expressly claiming that IPOB killed the security forces and not the hoodlums that hijacked the protest that is not limited to one ethnic group.

“The truth is that every thing happening in River State seems scripted. The governor is obviously acting someone’s script. If not, he would have as a lawyer understood that his claim that it is a Nigerian Court that declared IPOB a terror group and not him is a stale news. If Wike is sincere to himself and not that he tends to hunt Ndigbo, there is no way he will miss the judgement delivered by the very judge that handled the trial of IPOB leader and his co-accused, Justice Binta Nyako who ruled sometimes in March 2017 that ‘’IPOB NOT UNLAWFUL GROUP’’. If Wike as an NBA member is today mouthing to have acted based on the ‘’shopped’’ ex-parte order by the Federal Government that lacked fair hearing, then it will be unfortunate if the NBA fails to call him to order especially since both courts have concurrent jurisdiction.

“Even the CP and Wike that are mouthing about giving Ndigbo terrorist treatments should be educated that the current way of treating even confirmed terrorists caught in the act is to ‘’De-radicalise, Educate and Re-integrate’’. Don’t you want those you are tagging terrorists to be treated according to the FG recommended standard again? Is it because they are IPOB and by extension Ndigbo who must be given different treatment?

“So far, we are aware that over 30 Igbo lives have been wasted due to Wike’s instigated actions. Over 45 missing and presumed killed. We are much pained that Wike’s instigated actions did not spare Igbo children and women as 20 persons in this category are known to have been wounded after getting shot by security forces.

“Wike should go after Herdsmen and Cultists that are killing people in his state. The media is awash with reports of those killed by these entities in the state. Until Wike jumped the gun and started hunting the Ndigbo, there is no reported incident of IPOB members killing anybody in the state (we stand to be corrected).

“Finally, the fishing out, dehumanization, molestation, arrest and execution of Igbos as well as burning of Igbo owned properties in River State must stop. Wike must as a matter of urgency release those arrested and paraded as common criminals. He must also release the bodies of those executed to their families. He must more importantly not deny his actions and words when it’s time for accountability. He must be ready to bear the consequences of his actions when those he has acted their scripts abandons him to his fate.

“We will not end this press statement without calling on the leadership of IPOB and Radio Biafra London(RBL) to equally learn to be circumspect with their broadcasts. They must understand that broadcasting comes with responsbilities. The essence of any Biafran owned station broadcasts must remain to educate, inform, enlighten and prepare our people for the expected Biafran restoration. Using their station to tag any Biafran or group with different view as saboteur, criminal, betrayal, traitor, DSS agent, sell-out etc is indicative of people who have nothing to offer and thus employing ”confuse the issue strategy” in an attempt to hid their emptiness. RBL must stop instigating our youths to violence and thus giving our naysayers the opportunity to keep the blood of our people flowing. ”The action a freedom fighter intends to take must be in his mind and not in his mouth”. IPOB must stop making things difficulty for geniune groups that are truly reaching out to the powers-that-be. Alternatively, you can follow live broadcasts on RBi to understand that you dont need to attempt to hijack Nigerian protests just to remain relevant. Its the truth in your message that ensures your relevance.”

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