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Why A Catholic Priest Cursed A Confessed Sinner


Rev. Fr. Ntioyi would not always blame Satan for making humans to sin. He believed that a man was also to blame for his sinful acts.

But, why married men in his parish repeatedly confessed to the sin of adultery was a big concern to him. Do they not listen to his regular preachings against adultery and fornication?

The youth were not left out in this particular sin of the flesh.

He would feel downcast after each confession session for the parishioners. He would feel like using cotton bud to cleanse his spiritual ears.

Fr. Ntioye was becoming discouraged.

He was starting to feel that his words from the pulpit were not being accompanied by human changing power of God. He must do something differently and that he did.

Many parishioners assembled in the church for the usual Confession session and Fr. Ntioyi was positioned to hear and forgive their sins as empowered by the Catholic Church.

The proceedings were going as usual until Mr. John Thomas, also known as J.T, approached the confessionary.

J.T had barely started confessing his sins when the reverend father shouted to the disruptive surprise of all in the church, “not again, I won’t forgive this one, you shall rot in hell. Gerrrrt out of here !”

The priest could remember the voice and his frame. He was there a week before to confess adultery and he was forgiven and this time around he wanted a perpetual reprieve.

Would you blame the priest?

Mr. John Thomas, a successful lawyer in the town, had asked the priest not only to forgive his multiple adultery he committed within week but to obtain from God on his behalf, a perpetual forgiveness and mercy for “this only sin” he had found difficult to stop.

Mr. John Thomas’ salvation, I suppose should commence by his first changing his name. People become the symbols of their name.

John or Thomas standing alone are saintly names but the combination of the two beautiful names results in adulterous tendencies in the bearers.

From the reverend father’s estimation, he the priest, was the only one left out in this adulterous contagion.

He suspected that his catechist was guilty too otherwise, why would the catechist choose to travel to a distant parish for confession?

Why is type of sin so widespread in the new and old churches? Must preachers use trumpet to drum it home?

The latest challenge is that even the married preachers have joined the doers. Who will preach to the preachers?

“How sweet is adultery and fornication that it cannot be cured permanently in humans?” he wondered.

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