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Why Anambra is insulated from prevailing cash crunch – Obiano

*Creates about 253,000 jobs in 24 months

Gov Willie Obiano has explained why Anambra State is insulated from the prevailing cash crunch pummeling the nation.

Governor Obiano said that he saw ahead and got prepared for the prevailing revenue massive shortfall which has seen a sharp drop of inflow of revenues to all levels and agencies of government nationwide in the last two years.

He confessed that his administration achieved this through sheer critical professional analysis of the entire financial indices on ground.

Revealing this in his statewide broadcast to the people of Anambra, the governor noted: “…we foresaw the impending storm and made adequate preparations for the rainy day.”

He added: “when I took over the leadership of Anambra State, my first impulse as a financial expert was to organise a Strategic Retreat for my Executive Council Members to prepare my team for the task at hand. 

“It was at the Retreat that we brain-stormed on the economy and detected the impending fall in oil prices. We have also had more retreats and a Summit on IGR. All these prepared us for the tough times at hand.

“The result is that while other states are grappling with this new reality, we are not only increasing salaries but we are busy building bridges.

He noted that the process was very simple and clear: “We began by defining our Vision and Mission in Anambra State. 

“I stated that my Vision was to make Anambra State the 1st Choice Investment Destination and a hub for industrialization and commercial activities. 

“I also declared that my Mission was to make Anambra State a socially stable, business-friendly environment that would attract both indigenes and foreigners to seek wealth-creating opportunities.  

“To guarantee the realisation of these two Statements, we crafted a Blueprint known as the Four Pillars of Development which revolves around Agriculture, Industrialization, Trade and Commerce and Oil & Gas. 

“The Vision and Mission Statements come together in a perfect synergy with the Four Pillars of Development to make up my dream for Anambra State”

The governor who has remained the toast of the people, nay the nation, pointed out that his financial expertise has indeed made a lot of difference.  

That while other states have been going cap in hand seeking bail-outs, all manner of loans from every corner, Anambra has been meeting up her financial obligations with minimal challenges, on schedule.

The award winning governor celebrated the generation of at least two hundred and fifty-two thousand five hundred (252,500) direct and indirect jobs in the various sectors of the state’s economy. 

These sectors include the Agric, Health, Industry, Trade/Commerce, Power/Transportation and the Real Estate/Hospitality sectors. The Agriculture sector accounts for the larger figure of 127,000 jobs.

He also disclosed that the state has successfully trained 500 youths in diverse skills and crafts at the Technology Incubation Centre in Nnewi.

Also, 500 other youths have been trained at the Agricultural Training Institute in Mgbakwu. 

We have great plans for our youths and the unemployed in Anambra State

Beyond political rhetoric, gov Obiano believes that there were potentials to multiply the feats in the years ahead. 

He therefore called for all hands to be on deck for a synergy by the government and the governed.

From Chuks Collins, Awka

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