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Why Buhari is failing and will fail despite my support


That Diversity, Productivity and Success in organizations is interwoven is now be in the realm of conventional wisdom rather than academics.

The administrator sees the big picture, (the whole elephant) whereas a professional who might be extremely knowledgeable and well respected in his area of specialization sees only the anatomical parts of the elephant that are closest to him.

President Muhamamdu Buhari and all senior staff should be provided with the opportunity to take some courses in Organizational Management courses.

The important question for managers is how to make use of culturally diverse teams to their best advantage.

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Nigeria needs a President like Dr Goodluck Jonathan and an EFCC Chairman in the person of President Buhari.

President Buhari is not an administrator therefore will not able to manage an ethnically diverse country like Nigeria.

Even if President Buhari served two terms, nothing would come out of it except complaints from different quarters.

President Buhari is ethnocentric. He believes in and wants Fulani power.

It is the philosophy that Buhari was nurtured on. At 73 plus he is not going to change.

Nigerians, including the Fulanis, will suffer for the remaining years of his two terms. 

President Buhari is expected to complete his two terms. 

However, by the time he complets his tenure, Nigeria would be at the mercy of other West African countries.

It will probably take about 20 years for his successors who do not have the same ideology as him to bring the country back to his pre-presidency era.

No one could dispute a fact that has been verified by solid research and has been published in numerous academic journals including Harvard Business Review and others from as far back as two or three decades ago.

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Dr Ola Kassim, a Nigerian medical doctor based in Canada wrote:

“I was surprised during my studies for a Masters Degree in Public Administration at Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario in the late 1990s that we were being made to read numerous thesis and journal articles attesting to the fact that the most profitable and successful organizations were those which best reflect the racial, religious and gender diversities of the regions in which they operate regardless of the widgets they make or sell or the services they provide. I had always assumed that this was simple common sense!

Some of these studies also repudiate the idea that MERIT and academic qualifications are the only requirements for the success of an organization when compared to others.

Studies in Leadership and team dynamics and management have also reinforced the fact that the more diverse the personalities and leadership styles in a work environment is, the more successful the organization becomes.

A soccer team made up exclusively of only topnotch goal scorers like Ronaldo of Portugal is unlikely to ever win the local division league not to mention the Championship or the World Cup.

An organization whose leadership is composed exclusively of geniuses and the most visionary human beings would end envisioning things for both the immediate and distant future without ever producing a single widget for the benefit of mankind.

Each organization has its own culture.

This culture is an amalgam of all the personalities of the human beings who work within the organization from the highest executive to the least paid frontline worker.

The above principles apply to the work environment within the government of Nigeria just as it applies to private sector organization. 

A federal government department cannot succeed in its mission if most or all of its senior staff are from one ethnic group no matter how meritorious and accomplished these appointees are. It goes without saying that the mono-ethnic cadre of senior government appointees would also most likely appoint mostly middle and junior officials from their own ethnic group. The end result is that the

Public face of the federal government of Nigeria would no longer reflect the plurality of the diverse ethnic groups that make up Nigeria.

I will provide references on all of the above ideas can if you need them, even though you just google the ideas mentioned above.

Success in life is not only about merit and even if it were it would be extremely difficult to argue that the vast majority of meritorious Nigerians are from the North!

As Tajudeen wrote, no ethnic group in Nigeria is immune from the primitive tribalistic tendencies which compel Nigerian office holders in the public and private sectors of the economy to surround themselves disproportionately with only those from their ethnic groups, whom they deem are most trustworthy at least in protecting their interests than fellow citizens who do not share their ethnic origins.

Even though President Obasanji had many shortcomings, no objective observer would count tribalism and nepotism amongst his faults. OBJ surrounded himself with Nigerians from all corners of the country as reflected in his appointments and by the fact that Aso Rock was open to all Nigerians including the traditional rulers from all corners of Nigeria.

As then Chairman of NIDO Americas, I noticed an abrupt change at Aso Rock when the late President Yar’adua took over the reigns of government in May 2007. No Nigerian, however highly placed could reach President Yar’adua without having to penetrate the thick wall of a cocoon of an unofficial kitchen cabinet composed almost exclusively of northern Nigerians, more specifically the Hausa- Fulani.

When GEJ took over, he also surrounded himself with a cocoon of Niger Deltans brothers and sisters and Igbo cousins.

Unfortunately, our current President, Buhari has now carried this nepotistic tendency to an unheard of stratospheric level– as judged not only by the composition of his closest advisers but by the vast majority of his official appointments, which to say the least have been extremely lopsided in favour of those from the north at the expense of southern Nigerians.

I have wondered so many times whether or not President Buhari is fully aware of the possible adverse consequences of these lopsided appointments and whether or not he is getting proper advice from well meaning Nigerians including those from other ethnic groups.

Even though the President has a broad lattitude to appoint whomever he deems most qualified for any position, a wise President should also be guided at all times by the Federal character principle which had been put in place to ensure that no region of Nigeria is left out or shortchanged at all levels of governance.

There are qualified Nigerians from all ethnic groups for any official position in the country.

My appeal to President Buhari is that he should broaden his appeal to all Nigerians and ensure that he is viewed as the national leader by all Nigerians and avoid being erroneously categorized as a leader — who had come to take power back to the North!

Notwithstanding the above, I remain committed to my unwavering support for the current government of Nigeria led by President Buhari.

I supported the election of President Buhari after coming to the unmistakable and glaring conclusion that Nigeria would be heading for the abyss if GEJ and the PDP had been allowed to stay even one more day in power beyond May 29, 2016.

My support for PMB remains solid despite the current difficult economic climate in Nigeria considering that his government remains just as vulnerable to the global market as are those of all other oil exporting countries.

Even though Nigeria can not control the extraneous negative factors impacting on her economic well being, the government needs to work harder to ameliorate the sufferings of Nigerians at this time.

Part of being able to make a sustainable progress is being honest with ourselves by seeing what is bad as bad, irrespective of who might have done the bad thing. 

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