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Why Fulanis have dominated Nigeria’s political landscape ~ By Odilim Enwegbara


Their strategy is divide and rule. This is as old as Alexander the Great and Tzu Sun. It is simple and at the same time complex, depending on its application.

They successfully used it on the Hausa people who they conquered and dominated and still working for them more than a century later.

It started with separating the Hausa masses from their chiefs. The chiefs were first bought over and made to be against their subjects.

Once the chiefs were against the masses, they now set the masses against their chiefs insisting that the chiefs were responsible for their sufferings.

So with the masses in full agreement that it was the chiefs responsible for their sufferings they were used in removing their chiefs and replacing them with Fulani leaders who initially pretended to nice to them.

In the meantime they culture of the chiefdoms were replaced with Fulani culture. Once that was successfully done, Fulani culture became the new culture of the people.

Next came the full control of all sources of information to the masses. This happened along with the balkanization and denial of access to education. This was important since obedience only thrives in ignorance.

Today, Tinubu and so many corrupt and excessively greedy southerners have been taken into a Fulani political hostage. They are constantly dribbled with fake political promises.

But first, they have to fully make sure that these southerners are the ones who have the tendency of corruption.

So they are set you up and with the information on their corruption they turnaround to use it to threaten them with arrests and public humiliation. The blackmail has no limits.

Second, because they already control the country’s strategic security agencies, they constantly spy on them as they test their loyalties.

Third, by also controlling the judiciary their southerners discover that, in fact, that their new political masters now have no more difficulty to put them out of political circulation.

They don’t need to be told that should they ever disagree to be taking instructions from them and protect their interests, their humiliation days are only a matter of time.

But now, there is a problem for the continued successful adoption of this strategy of theirs.


It starts with their ongoing excessive arrogance as well as their too much belief in their century-old divide them and rule them.

Even though there is no way a small group like the Fulanis, who are only powerful in Nigeria, can be compared with great empires that have come and gone, the same way the Fulanis have come to trust in their imperial sophistication was what happened during the tail ends of the British Empire as well as to the Roman Empire.

Nigerians have been arrogantly pushed to the wall. And there was no way Buhari can succeed in continuing to push them further. So, soon there will be a boomerang reaction especially from south-east and south-south.

When this happens those who are currently caged politically once freed will be more violent in their anti-Fulani.

Across the country, the Fulanis will quickly come to the painful discovery that they have, under Buhari made more enemies than since they came, conquered and occupied the Hausa land.

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