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Why I’m so happy that Barack Obama has just a month in office


I am very pleased to see Mr. Obama’s two terms as the president of the Unites States come to a successful end. 

I am so grateful that he overcame those who wanted his presidency to fail. 

I thank God that those who wanted to make him a one-term president failed. I am so glad that his terms in office are almost over.

I have never been as involved in the political process as I was in Obama’s elections and administrations I campaigned in three states including Ohio and attended both inaugurations. 

The cold winter of 2008 did not stop me as I stood on street and watched Mitchell and Barack Obama walk (waltz) from the Capitol towards 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. 

I bought up all newspapers and publications of the event for my children to see and behold and to pass on to their children and children’s children up to the 10th generation.

But one might ask why am I so happy to see what has been so pleasing to me end? 

There are many reasons which I will soon get to but Mr. Obama’s presidency has been a tense period for me. 

I am so afraid that something terrible could happen either to himself and his family or he could make a mistake that would harm the nation like going to war with any of the nation’s enemies. 

Many people were pushing for wars and disguising them by use of seemingly harmless words such as “booths on the ground.” 

Uninformed citizens usually forget that “booths on the ground” are won by men and women in the nation’s security forces. They (the booths on the ground) are our children.

Obama and I are intimate.

Because Obama is black and thinks he is black. This is important because there are blacks who do not know that they are black. 

I say this in the context of Harriet Tubman’s quote that she could have saved more slaves if the people had known they were slaves. 

Obama felt the pains and anguish of the black people even as he realized that he was the president of the United States of America and not of black America. 

It was a tough balancing act and he managed it successful. There are voices that have expressed that he did not do enough for Black America. 

But they do not understand. I happen to subscribe that by just being elected to the office of the president of US Obama has done his job. 

I can tell my children that they can be POTUS and would have a precedent to point to. There is hope for my grandchildren.

Obama and I are intimate because he has African blood in his veins. All African Americans have African blood in them but Obama was from the blood of a recent immigrant like me. 

His father and I are soul mates. He came here to go to school just as I did. He married and had a child, Barack, just as I did and have offspring. 

And his son became the president of US in one generation. To me and other recent African immigrants, it signifies that nothing is impossible. 

That is how friendship and intimacy develop: common aspirations and experiences. My one regret is that the elder Obama did not live to see this event and this success.

At the start of Obama presidency, the Swedish Academy awarded him a Nobel Peace Prize. He was not qualified to receive one at the time. 

He most certainly had not done the kind of work that Martin Luther King did to earn one. Some of us saw the award as both a bribe and a plea. 

The plea was for him to save the world from another war. Mr. prayer was that by accepting the award he promised to keep the peace during his terms.

But could he?

As one who sees the president as a member of my family I was worried that he would have accepted the bribery and the plea and not deliver. 

With under one month to go I feel relieved that he has lived up to his promise. It was not easy. 

What with Mr. Netanyahu of Israel pushing for US to attack Iran on behalf of Israel and challenging him even in US congress? 

What with Mr. McCain and Mr. McConnell in the senate calling on him to enter The Syrian civil war more aggressively? 

How about many in United State crying against withdrawing from Iraq and Afghanistan? War mongers were aplenty.

No man with less than his courage and self-confidence could have withstood the pressure but my man did. 

By these actions, he saved the people of the United States trillions of dollars in war actions and more importantly he saved thousands of US and enemies lives. 

He has earned his Nobel Peace Prize several folds.

I am happy that Obama’s presidency is coming to the end because he has tried and succeeded to go to places where no man had gone before. 

Health care was a no go area especially after Mr. Edward Kennedy traveled to the beyond. 

Everybody understood that it was important but believed that it would cost too much or that the lives of poor Americans are not worth the costs and so did nothing. 

President Clinton tried but was forced out of it. Others before Clinton had tried but nothing came out of it. Obama came, and saw, and conquered. 

The faith of Obamacare is hanging in the balance and may be overturned by the income g administration and congress, but Obama has delivered. Let them destroy it if they choose.

Let the world judge Obama.

Let them judge considering his efforts with gun control, his giving full American citizenship to gays and lesbians; his starting the race to the top in education; snaring the most wanted American enemy, Usman Bin Laden (May 2, 2011); securing American homeland from attack by any foreign terrorists for 8 years of his stewardship; etc.

Let the world judge.

Benjamin Obiajulu Aduba, Boston, Massachusetts


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