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Why Igbo Presidency Does Not Interest Real Ndigbo Now

By Anayo Nwosu


What can Igbo nation gain if an Igbo becomes the president of Nigeria in 2023? Nothing as a people!

Igbo President in the current Nigeria would only benefit the occupier who would be achieving a lifetime dream and his hangers-on and few relations. The presidency won’t benefit the Igbos. That’s why well nurtured Igbos rather clamour for restructuring of Nigeria.

A further proof of foolery of ethnic presidency is the lack of benefits to Ijaw, Yoruba and Fulani after Jonathan, Obasanjo and Shagari’ presidencies. They have nothing permanent to show for having their sons occupy the presidency of Nigeria. The gains if any is short termed.

An updated proof that ethnic presidency doesn’t pay is the recent outcry of the Emir of Duara, the traditional ruler of the current president that they were suffering. Banditry and hunger are singing so loudly in Buhari’s Katsina that a deaf in Jonathan’s Othuoke can hear them loud and clear.

Igbos know that Nigeria as currently constituted cannot make progress except if it is restructured so that each region could become true to itself and grow at its own pace.

Even if the presidency remains in the north for the next 50 years, it will not make them come last in the high mortality rate, high illiteracy rate, high poverty rate and insecurity levels in that zone. It takes more than the presidency to solve the myriads of problems in Nigeria.

Voting for the party in the centre has not made a Yoruba land a multiple city state. Lagos is Yoruba and Yoruba is Lagos.

Has anyone imagined what would happen in Igbo land if the approval to build an airport or close one, the approval build rail or to open a university or even to build a refinery or to dredge waterways are removed from federal government’s control?

Any politician mocking Igbos for not voting for APC in 2019 in order to be considered for presidency in 2023 is simply ignorant. The presidency of the current Nigerian state benefits only the occupier, his family and friends not his ethnic group. Igbos know that.

Why waste our time in gunning for the presidency of fractious and defective nation? What is the sense in getting pregnant when delivery is not assured?

One thing I’m so sure of is that the north will choose their own trusted friend from Igbo stock (as they chose a Yoruba in Obasanjo in 1999) and make him the president in 2023. They will do so because they want Nigeria to remain one.

Anyone from Southwest nursing a presidential ambition in 2023 is day dreaming. The north will not support that. Don’t forget that Igbos also voted for the north 2019.

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