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Why Imo formula will fail woefully in Anambra state — By Christian Aburime


There is obviously no doubt about the fact that the All Progressive Congress, (APC), through its body language and unbridled utterances by some of its leaders is bent on extending the infamous “Imo Magical Formula” to Anambra State as we approach the November 6 governorship election

The leadership of the party is making no pretence about it. The emergence of the party’s gubernatorial candidate in Anambra State and the current heist going on in the State are clear signs that something ‘ominous’ is in the offing

The APGA party whose primary election produced Prof Chukwuma Charles Soludo as its gubernatorial candidate was the only credible primary election conducted in a free and fair manner, beamed live on national television and observed by INEC.

Yet some “impostors” or what the court appropriately described as “meddlesome interlopers” will not allow the party to have peace. These impostors obviously being sponsored by some delivish elements in the opposition have employed all manner of tricks via some obnoxious judicial pronouncements / judgments with the intention to circumvent and derail the party, led by the only known and authentic National Chairman, Chief Victor Oye.

Now, there is a limit to which humans can boast and insult other peoples sensibilities. People should realise that ultimate power belongs to God. And the will and resolve of the people can never be broken by any force except God.

In pursuant of its dodgy agenda in Anambra state, it was reported few days ago that the National Chairman, Caretaker Extraordinary Convention Planning Committee,(CECPC), of APC and Governor of Yobe State, Mai Mala Buni boasted that APC will “win the November 6 Governorship election in Anambra State with landslide”

Governor Mai Buni was said to have made this audacious statement while inaugurating the National Campaign Committee for Anambra governorship election with Governor Hope Uzodinma of Imo State as the arrow head of the Committee.

The plan is to win “landslide” when the party in question is not on ground and virtually non-existent in Anambra State. Will they bring aliens from the outer space to come and vote for them?

The same grandstanding and intimidating posturing was adopted by APC in the run up to Edo State governorship election last year and it failed woefully. The same disgraceful failure also await the party in Anambra State

The people of Anambra State will not give in to intimidation, fear or use of coercion to subjugate their inalienable rights in freely electing the candidate of their choice

The majority of Ndi Anambra have shown openly their unalloyed support and Solidarity for Prof Chukwuma Charles Soludo as their preferred candidate.

Soludo, undoubtedly, remains the people’s choice and the undisputable gubernatorial candidate of APGA.

Anyone in doubt, can pay a visit to Anambra state and feel the pulse of the state and the mood of the people!

This is the reason why INEC should not compromise its independence as an impartial electoral umpire. And the judiciary must also stand firm and dispense justice appropriately.

For those who have ears, let them hear, the current situation in Imo state MUST not be extended to Anambra state, because “Anambra no be Imo”!!!

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