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Why Imolites still miss Emeka Ihedioha

By Ekene Bob-Ekechukwu


Almost one year after the Supreme Court made him governor from a distant fourth position, Gov Hope Uzodinma has given Imolites many reasons to miss their God-given governor, Rt. Hon Emeka Ihedioha.

From the bloated and irrational government appointees, the nagging bad roads, to the withholding of workers’ salaries and pensioners entitlements, the long suffering Imolites have every reason to miss Rt Hon Ihedioha.

Suffice it to say here without fear of contradiction that Ihedioha is and still remains the choice of Imolites, in spite of the fact that their wishes were denied them in the crudest of manners.

By this time last year, when Ihedioha was still in the saddle, the State was lively during the Yuletide because cash was in circulation as workers and pensioners were paid. Workers and pensioners could afford to buy what their families needed to celebrate the festive period. Massive road construction was ongoing making movement easy for the people. However today the reverse is sadly the case. A cursory trip around the State would make one feel that Imolites where mourning instead of celebrating the festive period. The roads are not motorable causing enormous pain and hardship for those who could afford to travel for the festivities. The markets have been worse hit because of the astronomical increase in the price of goods caused by the mismanagement of the State’s economy.

By this time last year, the electronic media was awash with festive jingles as the people were in good mood. But today, the reverse is also the case as most electronic media stations are unable to air Christmas jingles as if they are aware that the people are angry and not in any mood to listen to such jingles when there is no food on their table. Of course a hungry man is an angry man and no one can celebrate Christmas on empty stomach. News of workers’ commiting suicide due to hardship has further compounded the woes in the State. To make things worse, the government of the State appears to be clueless on how to tackle the teething challenges inundating the State.

In all these, the Shared Prosperity Programme of the government at best appears to be a Shared Poverty Programme. A government that promised prosperity is sharing poverty instead, what a paradox! Imo is fast moving backwards instead of forward. People are now getting unhappy to the point of commiting suicide. An act for which Imolites where not known for. But many are not holding the governor responsible because they believe that one can’t give what he doesn’t have. Based on the foregoing, it has become crystal clear that Gov Uzodinma can’t give Imolites prosperity because he has shown by his actions and inactions that he is incapable of doing so. And the people owe all these to the infamous January 14, 2020 Supreme Court judgement.

It is for these and many more reasons that Imolites still miss Rt Hon Ihedioha as their governor whom they elected but were crudely denied the right to enjoy. However, the non-performance of Uzodinma is a rude awakening to Imolites that come 2024, there will be no chance in hell for Uzodinma and his likes to return to Douglas House. If the Philip Umeadi’s case fails to throw Uzodinma with his poverty mentality out of Douglas House, Imolites will do that come 2024. Of course we know that the God of Imo State, the God of justice, doesn’t sleep nor slumber. All it will take is just a little time, and He will complete the undoing of the gross injustice that was done to the good people of Imo State.

I rest my case!

Ekene Bob-Ekechukwu Esq. is a socio-political/ public affairs analyst.

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