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Why It’s In North’s Interest To Elect Atiku ~ By Odilim Enwegbara


I still believe that if I were to advice our northern electorate, it is in their best interest and that of rest of Nigerians that they should vote for someone expected to stop the ongoing decimation of Nigeria as a result of Buhari’s perceived divisiveness and northernization of the federal government.

I think it requires someone who is realistic to see the truth as it is.

The US in 2008 elected Obama their president simply to use him to unite the overly divided America caused by George Bush. Also his election became more important since Americans needed a former Muslim as their president to reach out to Muslims around the world who it was perceived were humiliated by the Bush administration.  

If we want to save Nigerian we should keep our emotions and face the truth.

We must first save Nigeria before doing any other thing. And this saving of Nigeria will require voting for an intelligent leader, someone who the highly aggrieved south and North Central can easily embrace.

Buharists must make this painful sacrifice by voting against their preferred candidate.

This is because from my analysis, if Buhari got second term, from day one the entire country will witness unprecedented ethnic and religious revolts, including those insisting that they have had enough of this kind of Nigeria and are now fully determined for self-determination.

Others will be insisting that they are not ready to live under another Buhari humiliation and northernization.

The rest of the world will agree with them especially the western world that has come to believe that Buhari means prosecution of southern Christians and also would in no distant time turn himself into a full blown tyrant in Nigeria.

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