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Why Ndi Anambra Should give Revd Godwin Okonkwo a chance to Govern the State

A sound, experienced Tecnocrat with Godly integrity.

Its goodbye, Willie Obiano and hello Rev. Godwin Okonkwo.

As the out going Governor of Anambra State prepares to exit the State’s most prestigious position through the revolving doors of power, here is a man with the requisite mandate to lead, with a clutching glittering CVs. while he was at the centre of the nation’s NNPC Capital as Managing Director, Rev. Godwin Okonkwo showed his mettle by taking the the nation’s giant Corporation to a very high and accomplishing level.

Rev Godwin Okonkwo

Rev. Godwin Okonkwo is the former Managing director NNPC Capital, he held several other Management positions with same great and huge success in Nigeria: Group General Manager, Debt Management; Group General Manager, Federation Accounts; Group General Manager, Liabilities; Group General Manager, Finance General Manager, Finance and Accounts, National Investment Management Services (NAPIMS);General Manager, Group General Accounts, NNPC ; Finance and Control Manager, Brass LNG Limited; Project Finance & Accounts Coordinator, OML 119, NPDC Limited, Head Finance, NNPC London/Paris Office, just to mention but a few public National administrative prowess he possesses.

The Rev. Gentle man now find himself cast as the doutlesslly saviour of the Anambra State and by extension, the South east zone.

But is wisdom enough to rescue a state mired in economic, non transparent, unfair and non equitable resources distribution problems?
What Rev. Godwin Okonkwo as technocrat can do is rise above the paralysing political rancour in Anambra State, a step normal politicians cannot afford.

The political spectrum is so fragmented and the political conversation so acrimonious that, in a situation of crisis or critical times, the markets, the National and the international partners of Anambra State are looking for concerted answers and determined answers and these can’t be provided by the nominal political figures. They would always rely and believe in seasoned technocrats whose services and life of accountability is evident and clear.

But as technocrat, by reputation, competence and experience, Rev. Godwin Okonkwo can persuade the markets and Nigeria’s leaders as well as the International community that he represent change, and he will be listened to. The measures for running an effective Anambra State needed to implement are so tough that they will fail to get the necessary political support if introduced by any core nominal politician, it can only take the kind of Rev Godwin Okonkwo whose person has been tested by the powers that be in Nigeria, and believed by many as a man of selflessness and leader per excellence.

Another advantage is the speed with which he can get his feet under the desk, when swift action is needed to calm the financial markets involving the national and the Anambra State. The democratic approval will come at a later stage or never, were it to be a nominal politician, but Rev. Godwin Okonkwo would probably win an election if one was held tomorrow, to get the National powers to sign all necessary documents for the progress of the State.

Also, he is a man familiar to leaders like GENERAL IBB, GENERAL ABDULSALAMI; OLUSEGUN OBASANJO; GOODLUCK JONATHAN, PRESIDENT MOHAMMADU BUHARI and many others because of the institutions at which he has led within his 34 years in NNPC. He might be a ‘ green horn’ to some in Anambra politics but every state is dependent on the National parley for excellence, Rev. Godwin Okonkwo is not a ‘green horn’ in Nigeria’s state especially the ‘who is who’ in the Government of the past Three administrations and currently that of President Muhammadu Buhari where he was promoted as the Managing director NNPC Capital, he served until March 2020.

As an Anglican Clergy he learnt the humility found in him, the concept of canonical obedience and respecting laid down constitutions is already a life he has with him.

Thus, a tecnocrat experienced in all financial matters having National nod and trust plus Godly integrity will produce nothing less than expected huge results.

In my next episode I will explain how Rev. Godwin Okonkwo as Former Group general manager Federation accounts has partly managed the 36 States and FCT’s monthly allocations successfully without any problem, so you know that Rev. Godwin Okonkwo leading Anambra will look like Managing just a fraction ( 1 out of 37) of what he has managed well, previously.

Ojukwu Ezeejiagha, writes from Enugwu- Agidi, Njikoka Local Government Area, Anambra Central.

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