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Why Nigerian govt should get involved in Chidinma Okeke’s case

Today, we are dealing with the use of video-tape of sexual intimacies or lurid nudity as a weapon of mind and body control. Now it is the case of Chidinma.

When a crime is not stopped early, it only multiplies and eventually threatens the existence of the state. 

Today, we are dealing with the use of video-tape of sexual intimacies or lurid nudity as a weapon of mind and body control. 

Now it is the case of Chidinma. Last year it was the case of two young women in Dubai being controlled by sex traffickers.

The fact is that many people are choosing this extremely dangerous and criminal method of controlling human beings and turning them into slaves. 

It is a perversion of contractual ideals of parity and consensus to use a person’s compromised nude video to control the person and the person’s behavior.

Emeka Ugwuonye: Today, we are dealing with the use of video-tape of sexual intimacies or lurid nudity as a weapon of mind and body control. Now it is the case of Chidinma. This is a rising practice. 

It is a dangerous idea that you have a contract with a person and the only way you could guaranty the other person’s performance is if you have a damaging video tape of that person. 

We have had two extreme instances of this in Anambra State alone. 

The author – Emeka Ugwuonye

Chief Chris Uba, the presumed political Godfather of Governor Chris Ngige, had the Governor swear nude before a shrine prior to becoming the Governor. 

And this morbid event was captured on a video tape which Chris Uba held as a means of controlling Governor Ngige and ensuring that the Governor fulfilled his “contract” with Uba. 

This incident ultimately led to an attempted unlawful removal of Governor Ngige from office, following a long period of instability and violence in Anambra State.

Now, in the case of Chidinma, we are hearing again about some contract that was meant to be enforced through the use of such a video tape. 

It is necessary to get this right: There was no contract between Chidinma and anybody that could justify the use of the videotape for enforcement thereof. 

Anybody that believes in such is purely naive and ignorant. It is one thing to have a contract with Chidinma. 

It is another thing to say that the video tape was part of such contract. Any such contract would have been invalid in law, and hence unenforceable. 

So, let’s perish the thought.

Just as a contract on how the Governor would divert public resources to an individual would be unlawful and invalid, a contract to make a video of lesbian sex in Nigeria and to distribute such video would be unlawful under Nigerian law, and hence invalid and unenforceable. 

Anybody that really takes such tale by moonlight serious is ridiculous. This whole type of use of video-tapes is illegal. 

It is a new form of crime that must be stopped before it could result in massive breakdown of law and order. Thus, the Federal Government has so much at stake here.

This reminds me of my encounter in 2006 with the then Attorney General of Nigeria – Chief Bayo Ojo. 

I had watched the rise of kidnapping of expatriates in the Delta for ransom. I knew this could spell a big problem for Nigerian down the line. 

In a meeting with the Attorney General of Nigerian in New York that year, I strongly urged the Attorney General to lead the law enforcement community of Nigerian to take a decisive and far-reaching measure against kidnapping. 

Unfortunately, neither the Attorney General nor any of his colleagues in Government appreciated my warning. 

You all know how kidnapping was left unaddressed until it now threatens the whole country. 

Nigeria must not keep a blind eye to the rise of the abusive use of videotapes to blackmail people and turn them into slaves. This is the time to strike and stop this nascent monster.

Again, Chidinma did not and could not have signed any contract that justified what happened. 

As you must have noticed, DPA has been concerned more with the manner the video came into the possession of certain people and how and why it was released to the public at the exact time it was released. 

We do not want to get entangled with the details of who made it and why. 

We already observed closely to know that the video was probably made in a university hostel room with mattress on the floor. 

We already observed that the video was made by a phone camera or a poor grade camcorder. 

We also observed that Chidinma seemed aware that the camera was filming because she avoided directly looking at the lenses. 

But it is hard to judge, really, because there is the editing factor. 

The video could have been significantly edited and pictures manipulated to create impressions totally different from what the camera actually captured.

So, let us not worry too much how and who made the video, for now. Let us deal with who released the video. 

Then, we walk back to the chain of custody and possession of the video down to who made it, when it was made and what really happened at that moment.

We suspect that there are many other young women in such situation, whose videotapes are locked up in safes and shelves for a day those videos can be used to blackmail those girls. 

Those girls are mostly terrified this minute. 

I saw the kind of fear they live through during the course of my dealing with many victims of human trafficking whose madams had made various videotapes for control.

Nigerian Government should not treat this as a problem for Chidinma and her family or as a problem for the people of Anambra State alone. It is a national scandal.

It threatens the entire beauty pageant industry and undermines the credibility and future of the Nigerian entertainment industry and show business. 

For that sake alone, the DSS (if they still have the power to arrest people) should zero in on this scandal and expose those behind it.

By Emeka Ugwuonye


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