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Why Olisa Metu is guilty as Charged ~ By Mazi Odera Igbo

Since yesterday, I have read many lamentations on how the justice from Justice Abang was wrong and insensitive, so I sat down and try the case from informed position and I can tell you here and now that Olisa Metu is guilty as charged.

Come with me, let me present my argument and you take me to cleaners if I err..

Olisa Metu was convicted not because Dasuki gave him the fund approved by the President for a Job he is accountable to the Presidency alone.

Or that Dasuki has been found guilty of having or distributing the said fund.

Not because he is good with his work as PDP Publicity Secretary as against the mistake APC has in same position.

Not because he gave APC trashing when they took powers and were urinating with prostate affliction.

Olisa Metu was guilty because he is Onye Igbo and as if that is not enough, he joined the worst part as he is from same state with General Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu.

And as that has beclouded judgement of any Retired Soldier from the other divide, the same Metu came from a Town that developed self without government intervention.

[His Town has factories littered every where and provoking the anger of those who can’t have the vision or who can’t even manage a factory even if FORD MOTORS left the company for them to carry on.]

What again does he want to make him guilty?

As we know, Law in Nigeria wears Goggle when issue affects a particular tribe is on discuss; it will be a monster. It will become a non issue when it affects another.

In fact, if any governor in South East has 6% of cases that is quoted against “GanDollar” of Kano, EFCC would’ve buried the immunity and arrested him with handcuffs, but since he is untouchable, he was decorated with Garland as scent of saints.

If ABACHA were an Igbo with the continued return on his loot, I am sure his families and relations will be in KUJE for years now, but be it as it may, such heist has never even generated condemnation of any sought.

What do you think they would’ve done to Olisa Metu knowing he is a full-blooded Onye Igbo, the same race that was marked for extinction and they refused to die? Not only did they refuse to die, they rose like Rose of Sharon and they wax strong in all ramifications.

The same mathematics they used in sending OUK to prison and refuse to return the loot back to Abia where he stole from, the same formula used in building second Niger Bridge so low that no vessel can be able to pass under it going to Onitsha mini Wharf.

The same format used to explain our academic chances, where an Igbo must score above 200 in Jamb and for same subject and admission an Hausa will score 40 or 30 and get same.

That he can’t pass any course can’t give him carry over, instead it will prepare the person for Minister of Justice or Security Chief, while the one from South East who is more academically sound will struggle to be cleaner where the Olodo from the other side is the CEO, so how do you think Metu is not guilty?.

Olisa Metu is guilty because he did not force his Igbo brothers to become beggars, instead he came from a lineage that were given 20 Pounds that is not enough to feed after the cruel genocide that lasted 3 years.

Instead of his people to be downcast, they held head high and instead of triple the miserable 20 pounds, they made it into billions and intimidating the rest with vibrant growth.

Olisa Metu is guilty but not of a crime but of a race. He was born guilty, grow up in guiltm and as that is not enough he got educated so much that he has more legal training than the Attorney General of the Nation.

But one thing is for sure, you can’t keep a good man down.

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