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Why President Buhari Is A Tyrant – PDP Director of Strategy


The Law is the only thing keeping our society safe. Nations are not ruled by emotions. They are governed by dictates.” – Nwazuruahu Henry Shield

From left to right: PDP Director of Strategy, Prince Henry Nwazuruahu Shield; Acting chairman of PDP, Chief Uche Secondus; National Publicity Secretary of PDP, Olisa Metuh 

The Director of Strategy of the Peoples Democratic Party [PDP], Prince Nwazuruahu Henry Shield has given three reasons why President Muhammadu Buhari should be seen as tyrant. Speaking with popular Nigerian blog, Abel Abel, Prince Nwazuruahu listed the reasons as failure to obey court orders, selecting which court order to obey and compromising the integrity of the judiciary.

“Anyone who does not obey the rule of law; anyone who chooses which order of the court to obey and which to ignore; anyone whose action and inaction visibly compromises the integrity of the Judiciary is a tyrant. And I mean anyone even if it’s Obama. The Law is the only thing keeping our society safe. Nations are not ruled by emotions. They are governed by dictates,” he said

On arrest and prosecution of members of the PDP, Prince Nwazuruahu says the Buhari administration is making mockery of the fight against corruption.

“The PDP has more than once, come out to support any fight against corruption that is holistic and devoid of partisanship from the prosecutors. Nations can only develop when proper institutions of government are empowered to check excesses of people in power. What we have today is a mockery of the fight against corruption. It is a mockery of a campaign that rode on the back of change. It is a total disaster and should never be recognised by anyone as a fight against corruption.”

Does this mean members of the PDP who are guilty should not be prosecuted?

“I say it again; the PDP welcomes any and all efforts geared towards enthroning transparency and Accountability in governance. We welcome wholeheartedly every effort aimed at making public officials more accountable to the people. What I personally kick against is this total and reckless disrespect for the Rule of law. 

“President Buhari is a card carrying member of a political party and therefore not qualified to declare anyone guilty or indicted. Only the courts have that sacred responsibility. Now your question says; what if the PDP chiefs that have been picked are guilty? My answer to that is: who determines who’s guilty or not? Whose job is it to declare an accused guilty or innocent? Go on social media and see how this government has literally proclaimed everyone guilty.”

He wondered why some media organisations get exclusive statements of the people prosecuted by the EFCC even when such statement has no reason to be in public domain.

“You have a case with the EFCC and immediately you submit your statement, within ten minutes, Sahara Reporters and others already have your statement as their headlines

“Is that how to fight corruption? Is that how a serious government desirous of securing convictions go about fighting corruption?

“I say it again; President Buhari is making mockery of the fight against corruption

“We should ask why Sahara Reporters always seem to know everything written inside the EFCC holding facility”

The Director of New Media of the PDP Deji Adeyanju was quoted as saying that President Buhari is plotting to kill him and other opposition voices, Prince Nwazuruahu says the party is still looking into it “we are still looking into that allegation and if I remember correctly, he wasn’t the one who raised that allegation. It was an online news house that did.”

He however maintains that as the Director of Strategy, he fears nothing “The only danger I will feel is not speaking out against tyranny. I have never known what fear means. Never.”

Being the Director of Strategy of the PDP means Prince Nwazuruahu will play a critical role in masterminding his party plans to wrestle power from the ruling All Progressive Congress but he maintains that his party will never use lies and propaganda as the current government is a weakness already.

“The first time I met Chief Olisa Metuh which was after the elections, he said something which stuck with me till today “we won’t engage in gutter languages. We won’t do opposition of lies and propaganda, we will analyse every issue with the eyes of Patriots and give our objective views”. Those were his words. So to answer your question, nobody needs to lie against this government as the government is doing a very good job of that to themselves. 

“From technically defeating Boko Haram to denying all its campaign promises to presenting two versions of a national budget to wiping out Boko Haram by December to choosing which court orders to respect and which not to honour. Nigerians are getting rid already so all we need to do as a Party is to reconnect with the people in truth and with sincerity. APC is a failed Parry already and sinking it is child’s play. Watch out.”

As a parting shot, he thundered that President Buhari should be impeached “The President ridiculed us as a nation by submitting a budget proposal he had no knowledge of its content.”


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