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Why Ruga Settlement? ~ By Odilim Enwegbara


What Ruga Settlement plan tells you is that it is this government that sponsored the herdsmen killing spree across the land so when the overwhelmed communities are eventually approached by government to free some land for Ruga, there are chances that these  communities already terrorised by herdsmen, would not be expected to refuse succumbing to Ruga Settlement plan.

The belief is that these communities would prefer that to herdsmen frequently invading and terrorising their farmlands.

But this has backfired. Why? It is because having lost public trust and having been alleged to have robbed Atiku his mandate, no one wants to hear anything from Buhari, especially when it comes to his Fulani brothers.

The unbelievable truth is that you can’t be spending hundred of billions of public naira in building settlements for people from your ethnic group’s private business while no good primary and secondary schools across the north.

This truly further questions Buhari’s true agenda if at all the man who is occupying the Villa is actually Buhari.

You can now understand why Buhari didn’t want to take chances in when he lost the February 23 presidential election and why he has to make sure that the tribunal is populated by his fellow Fulani justices who in agreement with him on Ruga Settlement plan must do everything possible to keep Buhari in power for him to fully implement the Ruga Settlement plan for fellow Fulani.

Buhari did not actually want to become president because he’s interested in solving Nigeria’s problems.

Buhari did everything to become president simply because his thought that with such power he could easily achieve his Fulanization and Islamization of the whole country.

That’s why he did everything to steal Atiku’s mandate so that with thar he’d be able to complete this ambitious agenda of his presidency.

He is now discovery why he’ll never succeed especially since he’s to be dealing with highly smart ethnic groups that make up Nigeria.

He doesn’t need to be told that should he insist on imposing his awkward agenda on the rest of Nigerians, he knows he’ll be fiercely resisted and humiliated out of office.

Destiny and men

Men of destiny are men of destiny. In most cases, men of destiny have to start from poor background and from there ruse to power.

Jesus started from poor background. The same with prophet Mohammed. Sun Tzu’s family was extremely poor. Plato’s background was hopeless.

Abraham Lincoln saw poverty at its  worst. Same was Thomas Edison. And so, the list goes on endlessly.

Here in Nigeria, Abola, Obasanjo, Jonathan, Atiku, and Buhari all came from a serous poor family background. But because they’re men of destiny they have all risen to political greatness to everyone’s envy.

Abiola was destined to preside over the affairs of this country but he blew it, especially out of lack of tact, and out sheer lack of diplomacy.

That’s why  during his campaign for president, he made four unpardonable mistakes.

First, he informed western powers in advance that under him they’d expect no Nigeria to exploit. This statement frightening them, led to their doing everything to  stop him from becoming Nigeria’s President.

Second, he openly told  Ojukwu that he didn’t need the Igbo to become president. With that powerful Igbo like Arthur Nzeribe went to work to prove to him that he truly made a fatal political mistake.

Third, when he knew that Gen Abacha was illiterate enough to care less about his mandate, rather than respect Abacha for his political blindness, he still wanted to fight it out with a man who could careless. Even when he saw how crude Abacha could go to arrest and jail Obasanjo and Yar’Adua, he still did not see the handwriting on the wall.

Fourth, when Kofi Annan and Emeka Anyaoku came calling demanding that he should renounce his mandate so that he could be safely gotten off Abacha’s hook, lacking in tack, said under it would be under his dead body. So, it truly happened under his dead body.

Atiku is far different. Sensing danger and seeing that there’s no much difference between Abacha and Buhari when it comes to fascism, the politically sophisticated Atiku had prefer the most legitimate means — the judiciary. Buhari was expecting him to go on rampage do that his battle will end up becoming illegitimate.

Atiku being wiser and more strategic knew that to fight to he must follow the due process so that at the end of the day the court of public opinion will judge him the winner while condemning to a political fraudster, who disregarded their collective electoral decision.

First, he didn’t want to confront Buhari because he knew that any form of confrontation will be defeated by Buhari since the use of mass protest is always very unsustainable. In other words, Atiku not being emotional about retrieving his mandate, knew that it could end winning the battle but losing the war. So, he followed the most legitimate and difficult for Buhari to easily undermine — the judicial process which will expose and shame Buhari.

Second, he quickly left Buhari’s territory. This is so strategic because to operate outside Buhari’s territory is to operate safely and from a neutral terrain.

Third, recognizing that no one can successfully threaten western interests in Nigeria, he made it clear that besides protecting existing western investments, his administration will create a level playing field for all that want to compete in Nigeria.

Fourth, a son inlaw to Southwest and Southeast, he humbly respected, appreciated and managed each group’s political and religious importance.

Fifth, and this the most important, Atiku knowing that warriors only play into their opponent’s hands if they allow opponent read their lips, Atiku’s atomic silence has remained golden after all, let Buhari and his vagabonding Oshiomhole led APC be always guessing.

All in all, Atiku’s statesmanship so far has earned him Nigerian people’s respect as the victim of some political highway robbers led by Buhari, Tinubu, el-Rufai, Oshiomhole, Mahood Yakubu, Amina Zakari, and other small robbers.

Nigerians feeling that even though he was cheated and the leaf cheater Buhari feels above the law of the land, he has become our political messiah, someone Nigerians believe must be definitely rewarded for his statesmanship.

That’s why there is no politician in today’s Nigeria who is as loved as Atiku, who even if he fails to retrieve his mandate, Nigerians have decided that come 2023, definitely, Atiku will automatically become their president and that he will be in no competition with anyone.

My advice to Atiku is to maintain this statesmanship and this uprightness since it is true that the patient dog is the one that the fattest bone is reserved for. That is why I’ve no doubt in my mind that he is destined to one day preside over the affairs of Nigeria.

When that day come, today’s tribunal justices should live to regret their hurried efforts to please Buhari, should they ever go the way of judicial partiality, which I strongly believe the being guided as the guardians of our democratic journey, they will not allow the selfishness they will live to regret betray them.

Odilim Enwegbara

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