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Why should they be toasting my wife when I was away? ~ By Anayo Nwosu

I am not assuming but I know for sure that some guys who know that I know them are not happy that I came out of prison. These sons of David wanted to farm in my garden lest it is overgrown by weeds; a job I never hired them to do. Ndị ọlụ enyemaka!

Don’t ask me how I got to know.

I seriously note all those amụful guys that tried to toast and covet my wife as if I had gone for a longer prison term or as if I was dead.

Wetin they see for my wife body sef I no know.

To run away from this kain situation I didn’t marry a lady with ara or breasts as huge as my mum’s or with Nkeonyelu type of backside still, they won’t “allow drink and me drop cup” or they “won’t leave my only wife alone”.

Helping a brother in Igbo land is only permissible when a brother’s or a friend’s gun cannot shell out a live bullet (as in case of infertility) or when he has joined his ancestors.

But I didn’t die na. And my three children resemble me.

Let them not allow me use my born gain curse them. Being full of the spirit now, if I curse them they go kpeme.

I’m thinking of reporting them to their wives or pastors or priests.

Which one is better?

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