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Why slave-master Did Not Want To Buy Muslim slaves From Africa – By Vincent Modebelu


Slave traders and trans Atlantic transport and re-seller do not want Muslim slaves from West africa.

They are educated

They can write

They can read

They can interpret issues

They know their locations

they can read maps.

Those moved from Sene-Gambia and reloaded in bonny for Americas knew where they were.

These  characteristics came to play all over the place.

They became leaders of other slaves

They caused mutiny

They took over ships 

They are warriors

They killed their captains.

They killed their owners

They can sail boats and fix them

They allowed slaves to commit suicide and jump ship instead of sail cross atlantic.

They devised ways to remove the shackles that prevented slaves from killing themselves because owners lose monies.

owners borrowed monies to buy slaves like commodities and had to pay back with interests.

Out of million that came across as slaves..only less than 150,000 had name records.

the rest did not have names.

Most of the people who had names were Muslims.

Less than 10% of all slaves were Muslims.

Muslim religion gave their worshipers knowledge and sense of independence

They revolt all the time after Ramadan right during the evening of empowerment.

All revolts are predictable following religious calenders

Even while at sea..they, muslim slaves, could use the moon for their prayers and geographical locations.

Most of the people that were sold into slavery were no pushover but were subdued  with heavy fire power.

There are more to these stories.

They revolted a lot is south america ..Peru and the rest when sent to the pacific side of the Ocean.

many were made to walk across pampas of Argentina instead of being shipped because owners wanted to save shipments monies.

walking cross The Pampas is 1/3 the cost of transportation for those traders that borrowed monies to engage in slave traders.

It was in these crossing that they killed slave owners.

They populated Brazil and the rest of South America.

There were fathers and son in some slave groups that knew each other.

There were families and relatives.

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