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Why the EFCC froze my account – Governor Ayodele Fayose


I am here in Zenith bank, Ado Ekiti, I got a wind that the EFCC blocked my account and the accounts of some of my associates and I see this as very illegal,

if you want to fight corruption, you fight corruption based on the rule of law, I am a sitting governor and under section 308 of the Nigerian constitution, I enjoy immunity”.

I have become a figure in this country that l have no where to go, if they will recall l came to EFCC myself in 2006, this rascallity of EFCC must stop. If they like let them investigate the whole world, I want to ask them, did they not contest election? Where did they get the funds from? Is it because they are sitting government now, nobody can ask them question. So every other person that have done election apart from APC are criminals?”

We will take every legal means, every legal procedures to get things right, they can’t continue with this rascality, that is why l have come here and am not leaving this bank untill they have given me a statement confirming that…. on their system, they said my account is restricted by EFCC and they must put it into writing, l need it because EFCC has no right under the law to touch my properties.”

EFCC did not communicate with me, we got to know all these their moves through security reports, they have started harassing a lot of people doing all sorts, it’s not new, l fight every day and God gives me victory everyday, that’s their way.

They want to destabilise this state, they want to take this state at all cost and it is not going to be possible, l am on ground and l am not going to shy away, for life and death I am not going to shy away, for incarceration, l am not that kind of character.

You can investigate me, keep on investigating me, it is your right, but you will not coarse me and take away my right, l will not accept that.

I have heard this information for some time, l only did my own investigation to get to the bank and confirm. l came to the bank personally today, codedly and l saw everything and I want to tell them they have no powers to do that, no powers.

If you want to restrict my account, it must be through due process and due process says l enjoy immunity through section 308 of the Nigerian Constitution.

The federal government must fight corruption within ambit of law, ambit of constitutional provisions, the same immunity that l enjoy is the same immunity that the President enjoys. Is it because nobody can prosecute him, makes him innocent? NO!

We too have things we are seeing about him, the Estate he has in Abuja. l was able to show on the TV yesterday, there was a judgement against the wife of the President in America where she wired $170,000 to the account of Jefferson, in the Halliburton scandal.

Jefferson has been jailed now and in that judgment in Virginia, it was stated that the wife of the president, Her Excellency Aisha Buhari wired $170,000 into the account of Jefferson, l have all the documents, it’s on the page 22 of 25 in the sentencing of Jefferson, and if he wants to deny it, we will publish it in the papers, we will serialize the judgments.

– Governor Ayodele Fayose of Ekiti State

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