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Why the wedding to my new bride was called off


Any doubt that some forces are seriously working against my wedding plans have now been put to rest. I took it for granted when the pastor announced the wedding bands and said “anyone with reasons why our marriage should not go on should come to the church office”. In one case, the pastor had said anyone with such an issue should come to the church office so that they “will deal with you”. We all laughed it off not knowing I would need such prayers someday. How can one explain first at the morning of the Wedding, enemies of progress landed and waited till the unholy hour before day break to announce that the church was not ready? They claimed that the red candles and roses were yet to arrive.

Who says old women don’t have their bag of tricks. I had earlier mentioned how she started preparing my favourite dish in the other room ever since I told her I was taking my new bride to the altar. I had told her she still has her place and there was no need to worry since we would all live as one family after the wedding and she would be well taken care of. At first she seemed to have bought the idea that it was what everyone wanted and had come around as expected. I never knew she had other plans.

Meanwhile, the woman I said would not last the night in bed started doing the unthinkable. The number of flights she took within a month period crisscrossing the whole states of this country to talk and woo my friends and family got me confused. This was a woman that would not go on any school runs not to talk of visiting days or any other family emergency.

I guess her master stroke was when she took advantage of my voicing out my doubtful feelings about my new bride. At some point when I announced my wedding plans, some people called to tell me my new bride was a prostitute. I had shut them down, insisting that those calling her prostitute had no moral right to do so and I was going ahead anyway since we are all called to forgive each other’s sins. I was ready to go on with the wedding with the belief that my new bride was a new person. Even her former boss that initially tagged her a prostitute confirmed she was a changed person and had shown remorse. In the meantime, all my old wife did was to ensure she captured my new bride with her fellow prostitute to continue to create that doubt in my mind with respect to her genuine repentance. And I tell you, that made me rethink.

On this Sunday morning, I saw my new bride in a shop with her old friends. These were friends I pleaded with her to dissociate from since she is now a new person. I insisted that old things must pass away. I even advised her friends to give her some space to make her new home as any further entanglement will amount to people gossiping about how “birds of same feather flock together”. For real, my heart sank when I checked out the assemblage of those her old friends. It was not a good sight to be honest. I wondered in my mind how my new bride will manage our home without those her old friends coming in to destroy as they used to. It gave me those cold feet again. In fact even the ones that sleep out for days without going home and the ones that sleep on trees were all struggling to be the chief bridesmaid and that got me worried the more.

As this was going on, my old lady was still scheming to the finish. On the postponed day of the wedding you will not believe what happened. She literally sent people to luck up my new bride and forced the minister to renew our marriage vow under duress.

My worry right now is not even the realization of the fact that she cannot honour our honey moon. I had been going to town announcing to friends and families about how good a cook my new bride is. I had promised them “ofe oha” (oha soup), “ugba with ishiokporoko” (African salad with stock fish) ,“Ewedu” and all sorts of “orishirishi” only to meet this kind of forced marriage. So what will I say to all those that washed their throat and went into fasting to ensure they get hungry to enjoy a good dose of my new bride’s delicacy. I believe this hurts all of us but like I said to my old wife when the marriage to my new bride was announced, we are still family and have to make things work. And this may indeed be a lesson to my new bride. I still love you and hope you will make it into the family someday, somehow.


Peter Obidike wrote from www.peterobidike.com and p_obidike@yahoo.com

21st March 2019

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