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Why Tinubu Will Never Be Nigeria’s President?

By Odilim Enwegbara


Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu is both politically smart and politically naïve at the same time.

Smart not only because he plans ahead of his competitors. He also gathers and spends a lot of money to buy political favor.

He didn’t bring in Akpabio but he knew that Akpabio being extremely ambitious might want to become the senate president, which would have made him and Akpabio fight over political supremacy in the south. So, he funded his disgraceful loss in the senate race using Oshiomhole. This became an important way to permanently block and silence Akpabio’s presidential ambition should he ever nursed one.

The author, Odilim Enwegbara

Like Akpabio, Tinubu had to reduce his only political best friend from southeast, Oji Uzo Kanu to a political crumb picker. This is to make sure that he never raises himself politically relevant enough to ever dream of coming out in 2023.

To curtail the powers of Amaechi in Rivers he engineered the political war that consumed APC in Rivers to the extent of ending up without having legitimate candidates for the House of Assembly, House of Reps, Senate and Governor. This became an inevitable way to block Amaechi’s chances of using Rivers as his political fortress for nursing becoming el-Rufai’s running mate in 2023.

The Governor of Lagos Ambode seemed not only not a trusted ally. He did not seem to be such someone who would ready to allow Tinubu unrestricted access to Lagos’s treasury. Thus, his removal became a matter of do or die.

The suspicion that the then governor of Ogun seemed ambitious was enough reason for Tinubu to politically suffocate him.

Abruptly ending Saraki’s political career was for Tinubu a matter of topmost priority. So allegedly from the CBN, billions of naira used in vote buying to humiliate Saraki worked the political wonders.

Another was Rochas Okorocha. From day one he couldn’t hide his presidential ambition. Politically decimating him became Oshiomhole’s duty as the party chairman.

He needed to install Gbagabiamila as speaker of the house of rep and Lawan as senate president. But as it is now, Gbagabiamila is having a serious criminal case in court regarding the fraud he allegedly committed in Atlanta that led to his running back to Nigeria and joining politics.

Fashiola has since been rendered politically impotent. He has been so dealt with that he poses no more threat to Tinubu’s presidential ambitions.

El-Rufai being politically sophisticated, Tinubu sent him the signal of making him his running mate for the 2023 presidential election. But with el-Rufai’s bluffs, Tinubu has since gone back to the drawing board. One of his strategies now is to find a way to unseat him using the gubernatorial election petition.

Should el-Rufai lose at the tribunal, Tinubu will never again see him as a threat in 2023. But el-Rufai has his own shock absorbers. He is set to take over APC from Tinubu.

Now let’s look at why Tinubu will never be president.

First, the APC platform he looked up to using will be factionalized before the end of 2022. With el-Rufai vs Tinubu factions fiercely competing over the soul of the party, APC will no longer pose a threat to PDP in 2023.

Second, even though Tinubu is a Moslem not being a Fulani, he cannot be trusted to be the one to lead APC to victory in 2023. So, there will be conspiracy to deny him the APC ticket.

Third, the Southeast and Southsouth along with Afenifere of Southwest will oppose his presidential ambition for not being sensitive to southeast’s need to also produce Nigeria’s president.

Fourth, if he comes out, the north will definitely vote PDP especially if Atiku/Obi candidacy is repeated in 2023.

And with the absence of Buhari from the political scenes, Atiku will be cruising with landslide victory as never has seen before in Nigeria’s democratic elections. This, Nigerians will do as a way of rewarding him as the patient dog is always known to be the one reserved the fattest bone.

Finally, Tinubu is politically narrow minded and excessively greedy to a fault. For this reason alone, no region in Nigeria will like to allow him take over Nigeria’s economy as part of his imperial spread as he has succeeded in doing Lagos state since 1999.

Also, there is the Obasanjo factor that cannot be wished away. He is going to fully stand in his way. There will be Atiku making it extremely difficult for Tinubu to make any form of political success in the north.

Let us not forget that if it is money Atiku is extremely rich. If it is political experience Atiku has been on that political stage since early 1990s when no one knew the name Tinubu.

If Buhari could lose at the 2019 presidential election petition tribunal, and should there be a rerun, we all know the kind of protest votes from Nigerians.

Nigerians who are already frightened by the Next Level of poverty and hunger along with the RUGA Settlement policy of Buhari, the looming bankruptcy and insecurity will definitely come out to vote out Buhari has never been seen in the history of the country.

Unfortunately, there won’t be his niece Amina Zakari and Mahood Yakubu to rig election again for him.

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