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Why We Wont Vote Uche Nwosu By Nkwerre Leaders: A Rejoinder

By Alex Obi Osuala

Ndi Nkwerre nwem nu ekele m unu. I will start by saying, I am a full fledge Nkwerre born. My dad Nkwerre, my mum Nkwerre, I was also born in Nkwerre. I grew up understanding the value of respect as we observe and practice it in Nkwerre my community. I went to the best schools my dad can afford, both in Nigeria and overseas. I have been around for a while though silently and quietly scanning the environments and doing the best I can under the circumstances.

I am putting up this write-up against a newspaper publication termed “WHY WE WONT VOTE UCHE NWOSU NKWERRE LEADERS” This caption aroused my interest as reported by Vanguard newspapers, out of curiosity l scanned through the newspaper to read more, only to discover it was Barr Rex Anunobi (Sokom) who fronted in the said publication and no other names where mentioned, yet the newspaper said “NKWERRE LEADERS”. One man cannot be leaders.

Now let talk a little bit about Barr Rex Anunobi (Who is most popularly known as Sokom in Nkwerre LGA and the entire Orlu zone). Rex is my brother so to say, he is from my mum’s village (Onusa Nkwerre), I know Rex quite well, but not close to him, he attended my traditional wedding in 2002 in Onusa village Nkwerre, yet we are not friends.

I respect his political strength, but will never wish to play his kind of politics. He is a kind of politician Iwuanyanwu will refer to as “Those who follow power” once power leaves, Rex Leaves. He survives by working with any person in power; he never aspire for any political office, only works for aspirants. Rex has worked and changed political parties as many as have attained the Imo Government House. Most think he does not deserve any blame for his political escapades because it was our political environment that produces such politicians.

Aspirants for any political position in Nkwerre and its environs in most cases consult Rex. One local politician in Imo state once described Rex as a “Political Mechinery”.

Now referring back to the Press Release Issued recently and signed off by Rex Anunobi purportedly from Nkwerre Leaders and their decision not to vote Uche Nwosu. That gave me a little concern. Their reasons very annoying.

Such Press Release should have more than one signatory but it didn’t, making it suspicious. I therefore conclude that it was not issued by Nkwerre Leaders but by Rex Sokom Anunobi alone. I also have strong reservation for the reasons tendered for not supporting Uche Nwosu, which include:

First, it stated that Uche gave the order to demolish Nkwerre LGA Guesthouse to build a hotel.

Second, Uche relocated NYSC Camp in Umudi (Nkwerre LGA) to Eziama (Same Nkwerre LGA) which is Uche’s country home.

These are the reasons given by so-called Nkwerre Leaders to deny Uche vote. They are absurd indeed. Let delve into it one after another.

The demolished Nkwerre LGA guest house stated above was a more than 40-year-old dilapidated farm-house-like-building, used by both current and officials of the LGA for their inordinate purposes (Most times hang out joint for their cronies and concubines) Very old and worn out structure infested by mice and rats with almost zero maintenance.

In place of such dilapidated guest house is now a FIVE STAR HOTEL one of its kind in the whole of Orlu Zone and Imo state as a whole. Solid structure, more than 100 superbly constructed Five-star rooms with marble finish that can conveniently host a President of a Nation.

The PURPORTED LEADERS should actually give kudos to the courage of the investor who invested that much in our environment, The hotel will attract the high and mighty to Nkwerre thereby increasing revenue for the LGA and offering employment to Nkwerre youths.

The so-called leaders mentioned as part of their grievance the relocation of NYSC camp from Umudi community to Eziama community. This relocation was not an issue until politicians like Rex started inciting communities to view it differently.

For Christ sake, these two communities are in the same Nkwerre LGA. These communities are less than 5 kilometers from each other. What is the difference? This is not enough for the so-called leaders to denounce and reject nwa-afor Nkwerre LGA governorship ambition.

Like I stated earlier anyone including Rex can vote and work for whom he wishes to vote or work for, but he should please desist from using Nkwerre leaders as a political tool for selfish purposes.

Rex should not forget so soon that it was the same Uche and Rochas government that rescued him from the clutches of Hope Uzodinma who almost killed him in 2015 elections; when he was abducted while working against Hope Senatorial ambition, beaten up and locked up in the trunk of Hope’s SUV. Information got to government house and team of police officers were sent to rescue him. He was successfully rescued.

Barr Rex my brother, play your politics the best way you wish, but leave Nkwerre Leaders alone. Don’t drag them into your political escapades and gerrymandering. This is because I am involved.

Hon. Alex Obi Osuala

National Publicity Secretary

Otu Nkwado Atiku na Obi (ONTO)

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