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Why you need my brotherto build for you

The last time I told you about my brother’sprofession as a builder was about two or three years ago. Since then, a lot of people took my advice and result of their decisions are already out far before the 2019 elections. You know as they usually say those days in my primary school a day before the closing day, “echi, (tomorrow) ndi na akwa (some will be crying) ndi na ochi (some will be laughing)” (tomorrow some will be crying and some will be laughing). It referred to the fact that the term’s report cards will be given to all the students the next day and everyone’s mood will depend on individual performance. This past christmas was like that my pre- school closing day. All those that took my advice had a cause to smile as they moved into their new homes either in the village or in the various cities across the country. The reason was simple, they got the deal of their life and had their building constructed to their satisfaction.
To start with, “o guru ya agu” (he read it in school). This guy studied Civil Engineering at the prestigious Federal University of Technology, Owerri (FUTO) with an excellent result. This is very important because I have seen some folks that surprisingly do not know people go to school to learn how to build.
Trust is very scarce in our world today and it is the main reason why a lot of people are sceptical about building or contracting someone to build for them, especially those living abroad. That is why you will see a lot of people with high net worth buy built houses to save them from the hassles of construction and “okwu na uka” (quarrels) that comes with engaging a private home builder. When my brother builds for you, you are paying essentially for that Trust powered by the www.peterobidike.com franchise.
This guy is pretty young both at heart and in age. That means he knows “whatsup” with current trends in the market. He lives in Lagos and can bring the advantage of Lagos both in pricing and development trends to your home building effort anywhere in Nigeria. Lagos is where you can get the cheapest building material prices and variety. He goes directly to the companies to make the purchases. If your taste is beyond that of Lagos then you can as well make your private arrangements, ship your materials from abroad and he will work with them.
He has his working team and moves around the country with them. This means once your “owo” (money) is available, you can be sure the work can be delivered on schedule since the guys do not have to go home to their families everynight and thus focus on the job at hand, work through weekends as much as possible and are committed to the job. That they are willing to move around the country with this guy tells you the kind of person he is.
This guy looks after his client to ensure the best deals for them. Take for instance delivery of sharp sand; he is ready to go to the excavation sites around to negotiate the best deals with the truck drivers thereby cutting out any middle man. It is not that difficult as you may think since he needs to identify such a place and make contact only once. The good thing about the direct contact with those sand dealers is that you are sure of the quantity, saving you lots of cash. Even if he is not able to identify and purchase from the site, he will still ensure the correct thing is done. In a recent case, he asked a relative that is into the business to deliver 30 tonne gravel. The guy brought the gravel but the sight did not suggest it was up to the agreed tonnage. A threat to cut the supplier off and report him to the village union saw the guy change his behaviour. The next gravel trip he brought resulted in the failure of the interlocked road, confirming that indeed the tonnage was different from the previous time. He did not waste time to discount the cost of that previous one to compensate for the assumed shortage.
But my guy is not cheap oh. I guess it follows naturally since Trust is not cheap around here and that is essentially what you are buying. You can be sure that what is quoted on the bill of quantities is the exact material required. For our regular builders out there and their clients, I have seen some folks that will argue with estimates and want to do a blanket downward negotiation of prices whether materials cost or the service charges. Most times, the builders will agree to the downward review but all in a bid to get the job. This may amount to “penny wise, pound foolish” as the builder will cut corners in order to maintain his supposed gain from the project. Twenty trips of sand on paper may turn out fifteen on the ground. This is where my guy plays differently and why you will need him to build for you and go to sleep while he does that.
If you will want Chukwuka Obidike “Mark & Mich” to build for you then you need to contact him early @ 08033362613 because his calendar may already be hitting its peak at this time, given that a lot more people want to be part of “ndi na ochi” this coming Christmas. Our God is a God of second chance.

Obidike Peter wrote from www.peterobidike.com and p_obidike@yahoo.com
Saturday 12th January 2019

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