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Wike’s Development-Centred Politics – By Simeon Nwakaudu 


In today’s Nigeria, Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Ezenwo Wike is known to be the pillar of the opposition.  The platform on which the revival of Nigeria rests. 

Therefore, all his actions  are monitored  closely  by the opposition and key figures in the ruling party. His steps are significant as they determine the direction of the opposition.

When live pictures began to emerge from the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport on Saturday, 19th August, 2017, millions of Nigerians  were pleasantly  surprised to see that Governor Wike was amongst  the dignitaries  on hand  to welcome President Muhammadu Buhari. 

Governor Wike’s  presence at the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport and later at the Presidential Villa sent a clear message to the political  class.

Though we may belong to different political parties and persuasions, we share  a common nationality, we share a common  humanity. What affects one person, affects the other. 

Our differences, the governor’s presence dictated, should not stop us from seeking national development, strengthening   inter-governmental ties and making government relevant to the governed.

Wike’s politics is totally focused on development  and the welfare of the  people. This  political  principle  has guided his  political  actions over the years. 

As a master strategist, he takes deliberate  steps that  strengthen  the ties of friendship and unity to the benefit of the good people of Rivers State. 

On his  presence to receive President Buhari, Governor Wike  said, “We are happy, that he is alive and that is why l am here today to rejoice with the family. We should not play politics with everything. We are here talking about health and irrespective of the party l belong to, you can see that l am here today to rejoice with the family. That is what it is supposed to be. Don’t play politics with health issues, don’t do that. So, irrespective of what is going on out there, one is happy to be here.”

Secretary to the  Rivers State Government,  Mr Kenneth Kobani explained it thus: “

I am a very happy Nigerian  today. The return of Mr President is indeed a thing of joy.Nigerians, irrespective of political affiliations have every right to rejoice that he is back and looks hale and hearty. Our celebrations must also reflect our unity and diversity as a nation. He is our President.  Thank you Governor Wike  for being present at the airport to receive our President and father of the nation, alongside the Acting President  and some of your brother Governors.  This is how it should be.”

By his presence at the airport ceremony marking the return of President Muhammadu Buhari, Governor Wike advised the leadership of the APC that beyond politics is the need to preserve Nigeria and always show respect  for constituted authority. 

The governor by his presence at the airport ceremony indicated  that the bonds of friendship , love and the pan-Nigerian spirit   must be consolidated  for the good of the country. 

As a leading opposition governor, Nyesom Ezenwo Wike  has always shown  maximum respect  for the Presidency.  He has friends  in the APC, working for the overall development of Nigeria. This has not  stopped  him from holding his political views in defence of Rivers State. 

Even when he disagrees with the Federal establishment of the country, it is usually on the basis of principles. The governor has never taken  the Presidency  to the  cleaners  as was the practice  by key APC chieftains during the previous era.

Rivers State has suffered the most in the hands of the APC and their destructive propaganda machine. Officials of the  APC Federal Government sponsor negative media campaign against the state with the aim of de-marketing it. They incite violence and propaganda to undermine Rivers State and her people.

Only recently, the Rivers APC worked negatively  to truncate the commissioning of projects by the Vice President. 

The APC  should learn   to de-emphasise selfish  politics, which relegates development  and  enthrones political advantage. It is true  that they gained political  victory  in 2015  through mischievous  and venomous propaganda, but the reality  today is different. They should face  governance  and start developing a Pan-Nigerian platform. 

This  is the time to heal a divided nation. This is a time to stop the lies and propaganda.  This is a time to cultivate  friendship  across party lines, while still maintaining  the distinct  features of individual  political families.  This is the time to  put Nigeria first and work for the people.

APC are on their  back foot today because  they think that governance is simply  acquisition of media mileage.  They have learnt  through  the hard  way that  performance remains the key factor to the growth of any nation.

In summary, APC should learn from Governor Wike.  Governor Wike elevates the people more than  any other consideration. He respects our shared  humanity , more than  media mileage.  Now is the  time for APC  to face reality  and start working. Enough of lies and negative propaganda. 

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