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Wike: Sole Administratorship In Rivers State ~ By Maobuye Nangi Obu

It’s been two solid years since the new sheriff in town took over the brick house.

First of all, may I commend him for his overpriced ‘patching’ of some selected roads in the State that would primarily benefit him and some of his people. 

In local parlance, we say, “at all at all na winch”. So, I sincerely commend Gov. Wike for at least, patching some roads and taking care of his own with projects and being a ‘sole administrator’. 

Hence, the unguided sobriquet from his goons and minions freely bequeathed to him and codenamed “Mr. Project”. Clap! Clap!! For Oga “Project”.

But, I want to say this: It is so sickening that after 50 years of creation Rivers State is still struggling to patch roads instead of connecting the hinterlands of the State to the rest of the State. 

Instead of building industries, creating the enabling environment for the private sector…

Instead of hinging everything on partisan politics… 

Instead of building underground trains, seaports, etc., successive governments of the state are only bent on playing pungent and repulsive politics with everything. 

They have created a monster called ‘stupidity’ amongst Young people of the State. Today, it is haram (a taboo) to think rationally in Rivers State.

We ought to have had mini-cities outside Port Harcourt which is already a village compared to standard cities in the world. 

Truth is, I will not heap all the blame on Gov. Nyesom Wike, but my pain is: he has shown that he is like President Buhari who had no developmental plan for the people before seizing power. 

No vision to develop the people and State, but a mission to destroy and amass wealth by any means possible. Shamefully, today we are being ruled by a ‘sole administrator’ in Rivers State. 

No budget, no accountability, and worse still, no sane opposition to sanely articulate the yearnings and aspirations of the people. This is sad.

Check properly, Gov. Ezebunwo Nyesom Wike did not prepare to lead Rivers people to unity and prosperity, but his two years have shown he only prepared himself to become a ‘sole administrator’, a tribalist and a witch-hunter. 

This is why, you see him come to a place and award projects anyhow because he is NOT accountable to no one or institution. 

This government has no plans to connect Rivers people in unity let alone developing the State. Gov. Wike need some introspecting and internalisation of himself and his government.

Truth is, if we do not unite now and help Gov. Wike by giving direction to his Government, we will all pay for these wasted years of witch-hunt, blackmails and hate recklessly oozing out of his government. 

No matter what, the greater interest of Rivers people should remain sacrosanct at all times.

Gov. Wike needs help!

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