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Willie Obiano Is A Fugitive — Aguleri Royal Family

The Idigo Royal Family from Aguleri has alleged that the National Leader of APGA, Governor Willie Obiano is not from Aguleri.

This is what they alleged in their rejoinder to the press release issued by the commissioner for Information on behalf of the state government:

“The Idigo dynasty acknowledges the good performance of Chief Willie Obiano as the governor of Anambra State and urge him to keep up the good works for the remaining tenure of his administration.

“We are however astonished and astounded that he has continued to meddle unduly and unjustifiably in the kingship culture and tradition of Aguleri, his adopted home town.

“We wonder and ponder what is the interest of Governor Willie Obiano in the Aguleri kingship?

“We also further wonder and ponder why he seems to be destroying the Idigo dynasty of Aguleri despite the several recognitions he has received from the Idigo dynasty.”

The Idigo family said Gov Obiano is meddling in Aguleri kingship “his adopted home” and wondered the interest of a ‘foreigner’ could be in their kingship.

Recall the names, abuses and even threats we got when we broke the news of this crisis and captioned it, ‘Aguleri on fire’.

However, an Indigene of Aguleri, Bro Machi Pius Igwe, has replied the Idigo family over the Igwe tussle.

He warned the Idigo Royal family to either accept Dr Mike Idigo as the Igwe or the Igweship will be taken away from them. He gave a distinct details of the origin of Igwe traditional stool in Aguleri.



The event of the past few days; weeks and months has left anger and with some, tears in the eyes of patriotic Agulerians. Tears and pain was brought upon the people by sudden death of HRM Igwe Christopher Idigo ( Ogalagidi IV) immediately after his 119th Ovala celebration last January. I was in the middle of Amaeze Square on that fateful Ovala Day when he stated that he was sick, weak and worn out to the point that he thought the Ovala 2019 won’t hold nomore.

He jovially joked with Obi of Onitsha; Igwe Achebe, asking jokingly if he (Achebe) was party to the conspiracy to bar him (Ogalagidi Aguleri) from celebrating his Ovala 2019, we all laughed it off. We never knew that that was his last Ovala alive. He could not even attend the mass for the New St Joseph Catholic Cathedral that was rebuilt and donated to the church by HE Chief Willie Obiano!

The anger arose from the fact that after his journey of no return, the Iruokechi Family and Idigo Dynasty were saddled with responsibility, deliberations, consultations and final resolution on who succeeds the travelled King. Unfortunately; there were lots of scheming, conspiracies and dirty dealings which also includes; desecrations of the dead, the throne and persecutions of his survivors. The anger was further aggravated by stealing/seizing of the royal robes by one of the princes and a desperate contender to the crown. It was revealed that this same aggressor sneaked to Enugu with a despicable plot to cease the corpse of the travelled king; no wonder on the day remains of Ogalagidi returned to Aguleri they alleged that it was empty coffin being paraded around.

A FLASHBACK REMINDER TO PRINCE CHUKA AND IDIGO FAMILY:-Everyone that is acquainted with the history of dynasties in Aguleri will tell you that we have had several Igwes, warrant chiefs (eze oyibo) but the oldest were the Ezeoras. Prince Chuka, Idigo’s family, the cabinets and their supporters (chiefs) should know that in Aguleri Onyekomelu Idigo became warrant chief by chance! He was never known as king but a soldier, a fearless warrior and hunter during his time before the advent of the colonial masters. He was made warrant chief amongst many because he was the only fearless Agulerian that stood at Otu Ndi Ocha (port, jetty, dock of the whitemen) known today as Otu-Ocha Aguleri.

Chuka and his supporters to this surugede dance should know that all the people made Warrant Chiefs by the Whites to aide their indirect rule system were disbanded with colonial rule in Nigeria while Onyekomelu became king because of the crisis that affected Ezeora family. He should also know that before the coming of the whitemen the only recognized dynasty in Aguleri were the Eze Aka Ji Ovo Igbo from Ezeora family of Idu Eri, the last king before the long gap was HRM Chizo; crowned, accepted and recognized by all the components of Aguleri and beyond.

Ekwuo; who was an impostor was a great warrior, he has no blood attachment to royal lineage but thought that because he is a brave fearful warrior, he could as well be the king. He went to some far away land to conjure charms with which to attack HRM Chizo of Ezeora of Idu. On his return he met the king on his way from convenience and smacked him with the evilly conjured substance. The king in retaliation cursed him with Ovo Igbo and both of them died same night. HRM Chizo died from the diabolic charm attack while Ekwuo died from the curse of Ovo Igbo on the eve of Olili Obibia Eri. The people scattered and known agreed to be successor for fear of the evil befalling them. That vacuum created by the death of the king and the most fearsome warrior was reason Agulerians accepted Chief Onyekomelu as Igwe.

It has been long and the Ezeoras later summoned courage and retrieved their Ovo Igbo and have regained their power, their dynasty and their glory once again. The only reason the Idigos have been reigning was because they were seen and accepted as Eze Oyibo (meaning ceremonial king) while the Ezeoras were the original Eze Odinana (Hereditary, ancestral, traditional king) in Aguleri Kingdom!

I was young and was there live and direct in 1987 when Eze Nri, HRM Igwe Onyenso came to Aguleri to receive ODU EZE at the confluence of Agbanabo Ezu na Omabala from the traditionally empowered Eze Aka Ji Ovo Igbo. What am I trying to say or infer here? That Chuka should be made to know that every Agulerian know this history and have continued to respect, honour and identify with Idigo’s dynasty because they are the ceremonial king of Aguleri and any act of taking the people for granted may amount to total abandonment of their (Idigo) dynasty notwithstanding their ovalas, ada and other ceremonial fanfares!


According to a very reliable member of the Iruokechi family who pledged anonymous; there was never a time the Idigos had totally acceptable successor starting from Idigo Ist till the recently crowned Ezeudo I of Aguleri. What happened from time to time was that whenever crisis arises from choice of successors the Idolma Eze (who are chiefs and representatives of the Igwe which was later transformed by HRM Igwe Alphonsus Idigo Ezennia III to Cabinet members) resolves it. When Igwe Ezennia travelled there was crisis amongst the interest groups within the Idigo family of the choice and crowning of Late HRM Igwe Christopher N. Idigo which the influential cabinet members, members of Idigo family, some elders of Iruokechi family ensured it was partly resolved although not completely because the feuds has been there.

When Igwe C. N Idigo travelled the Aguleri community and govt of Anambra state asked of the Idigo family, the Iruokechi family to present a responsible personality to succeed the travelled monarch. The Idigo family has about 3 to 4 candidates that would possibly be crowned the successor and not necessarily or mandatorily Prince Chuka!

An elder and one of kingmakers from the family revealed to me that the character and attitude that disqualified Prince Chuka is the same he is displaying recently by crowning himself as the Igwe where the family already concluded, chosen an Igwe who has been crowned and issued certificate of authority. He revealed that the two attitude that disqualified Prince Chuka was that he does not listen to good advice and secondly has no regard or respect to constituted authority.

For instance about 14 Ndi Ichies were present to grace the coronation of HRM Igwe Dr. Mike Idigo Ezeudo I and he was crowned as the culture and tradition demanded by Okpala Aguleri who performed the coronation ceremony. About 34 Ndi Ojiana was present during the coronation of HRM Igwe Dr. Mike Idigo; the Ezeudo I of Aguleri as demanded by tradition also. It is therefore a sheer act of arrogance and display of character repugnant to tradition for him (Prince Chuka) to crown himself in his parlour and post the photos on social media as the Igwe! It is not only abominable but a total desecration of the dynasty and all it stood for! Who and who were with him when he was crowned and with which certificate is he parading himself as the king or was it because the Governor of the state Chief Willie Obiano is from Aguleri? Haba!


Having the knowledge that even the coronation of Ezennia the III and Igwe Ogalagidi IV was not absolutely acceptable 100% to the Idigo family but was amicably resolved without an outsider hearing it Prince Chuka Idigo should have been patient, humbled himself and work with the new widely accepted new Igwe knowing fully well that if he (Prince Chuka) is not chosen today, it will definitely fall on his son tomorrow! Because a royal breed will always defend the crown, a royal breed will never bring a non Agulerian to help them wrestle the throne, a royal breed will never disclose the wrangling within the royal family to an outsider, a royal breed will always work for peace and tow the path to reconciliation. A royal breed will always be open to a favorable truce. A royal breed will never be that desperate to usurp the crown. A royal breed will never accept to be sponsored as a spoiler to his family’s age long legacy!

It was revealed that before his journey, at some point Prince Chuka connived with some of his few supporters and wrote a comprehensive petition asking that the state govt should depose HRM Igwe Christopher N Idigo! But the later being a peaceful King has continued to call for truce, reconciliation and peace until he left. No wonder it was alleged that immediately he travelled the same desperadoes went and seized all the royal robes, the staff, the crown even before his last ovala. He was begged like a god to release those royal articles but he vehemently refused and left with same only to dress himself and proclaim himself king! Is he some Macbeth that would slain the king and crown himself as successor? No! I bet he is definitely not, though he has to prove it.

He has shown that had he been crowned the Igwe, he would not listen to the family, or to his cabinets or to Ndi Ichies, Ndi Ojianas and entire Aguleri or the state govt! What a rehoboam he would have been! And I can state without fear or favor that a royal breed can never behave in such a contemptible and awkward manner.

We were aware that HRH Sanusi L Sanusi of Kano was not originally the heir to the throne of Kano but son of Ado Bayero. But Sanusi was crowned and it was resolved with just little skirmishes. Same thing happened in several royal dynasties in Igboland but was resolved. At a point Onitsha were having 4 Obis but it was resolved. Today I was told that some Aguleri youths out of annoyance arranged coffin and conduct the burial ceremony of Prince Chuka! This is detestable and I’m calling on the entire Idigo Family, the Iruokechi Family, the Idigo Dynasty’s Royal Cabinet, the Ndi Ichie and Ojiana to summon an urgent meeting to resolve this royal fiasco.

THE LIKELY LOOMING REPERCUSSION :-Like I said in the beginning that the entire Aguleri have accepted the EZE ODINANA (Ezeoras) to reign in parallel with EZEOYIBO (Idigos) and this has been successful over the years. The people should never be taken for granted! Any attempt by the Idigo’s dynasty to take Ndi Aguleri their subject for granted may backfire!

  1. The people, the Ndi Ichies, Ndi Ojianas may decide not to identify with Idigos during their ceremonial outings i.e ovala and ada etc going forward.
  2. The people of Aguleri may decide that Eze Oyibo (Ceremonial Igwes) which Idigos occupy may henceforth be rotational from families outside the Idigo circle and even outside the Iruokechi family.
  3. It was revealed (though not confirmed) that HRM Igwe Alphonsus Idigo III agreed with the then Aguleri Town Union leadership that after his (Ezennia) reign the Igwe throne will be rotational. This was partly why there were tussles and demand/emergence of autonomous communities in Aguleri. Such agreement can be invoked in any event of unsolvable kingship tussle within the Idigo’s family!
  4. Throughout the demand/emergence of autonomous communities, the Idigo family made majority of Agulerian believe that autonomous community is evil and should be rejected. Lot of our fathers stood with them and suppressed every demand for autonomous community. Today our eyes are opened and we have seen the benefit of autonomous community.
  5. If every community which includes; Igboezunu Ikenga Aguleri, Ivite Aguleri, Enugwu Aguleri, Umuekete Aguleri, Eziagulu Aguleri, Eziagulu Otu Aguleri, Enugwu Otu Aguleri, Igboezunu Otu Aguleri, Ivite Otu Aguleri and Ogwulugwu Aguleri should all have their way to get autonomous communities as being demanded, it would mean the Idigo dynasty will have only Amaeze as their royal kingdom!

In view of all the above stated; Prince Chuka Idigo must urgently be called to order or he may yet be allowed to destroy what his forefathers has strived even with their blood to build. If Prince Chuka Idigo continue to wrestle the crown from the publicly, statutorily and widely accepted HRM Igwe Dr. Mike Idigo, it only point to the fact that he (Chuka) is not fighting for the Idigo Royal Dynasty or Aguleri Community, rather he is desperately fighting for his ego, his selfishness and thereby exposing his arrogance and disrespect to the Idigo Dynasty/Family, the Royal Cabinets, the Ndi Ichie Aguleri, the Okpala Aguleri, the Ojiana Aguleri, the entire Aguleri community, the Anambra LGA and state traditional rulers association! Whoever supports him on this malicious mission is not only his worst enemy but also a deadly enemy to entire Aguleri community!

Notwithstanding all the above stated; he should also be made to see it from another point of view, that if he continue fighting aimlessly, it is not the people of Aguleri that will be shamed or suffered rather he is bringing a consequent end and likely total abandonment of the Idigo Dynasty by the people. Well, whatever has beginning must definitely have end and this very end shall be self-invented and self-inflicted. I can assure him and his supporters that Aguleri will definitely come out unscathed, strong and progressively! But he will live with the scars and shame of what he has done to himself and to toils and legacies left by his ancestors!

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