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Wondering why I went to church today


As I danced to the wonderful rhythm, I kept asking myself what brought me to church and which part of the service I enjoy most. I concluded that all the sections where equally important. So next, I started to dissect the ones I could as I kept rocking. Yes, I bought a new jacket and yes, I wore it to church, but I could not have come to church to show off my jacket as you know. Well if you do not know, I am already married and can’t be showing off to anyone, as my “Olori” has already chosen me as the special one,the best husband and father in the world. It was not a coincidence that it was Fathers day, given that she declares it every morning to me with a kiss. Please don’t laugh, I wake up like a prince that I am. If you doubt, ask Amarachi my daughter who is my princess or even her senior that relegated the “princess ship” to her mother as she has now declared herself queen. I mean “drama queen” when it comes to crying about everything in this world!

Anyway, I continued dancing even as I remember the Sunday school teacher’s admonition that we should not show off too much, like posting things on facebook unnecessarily as her friend recently declared the social media now has monitoring spirit. It reminded me of the lipstick made in the seas of the “days of yo” when we grew up and was made to believe every good thing comes from “mamiwater” the water spirit. My next port of call on reason for my being in church was the very act I was doing at that time, dancing my way to good health. I flashed back to when I normally come with a step counter to count the number of steps I could gather from the Sunday service dancing. God help you if you are leading praise and worship and do not give me a nice song I can gather steps with. I will not only dismiss you in my mind but will go ahead to dance off rhythm to ensure I meet my number of steps. Those days I won’t be surprised that some people around me may be wondering the kind of lottery I must have won to warrant this kind of happiness. I believe David already knew this a long time before us that was why he said“I was glad when they said we should go to the house of the Lord”. I believe he was counting his steps to be healthier when his wife detested his gyrating steps to the detriment of her destiny.

Today appeared that the praise and worship leader heard my meditation because before I could realize what was happening, she ordered that “if you Love Jesus” jump up! “Choi”, I said to myself. My brother, come and see jumping and she was just reading my mind when she declared we should “turn around”, “Inukwa!” “taa wu taa” (can you imagine! today na today) I screamed! Not only has she made me gather more steps, she now wants them to also see “my new jacket”. With princely swag, I rolled around like those models in fashion houses as I looked around to see Gods people in their glory.

But if you think dancing and dressing is what makes my church service rock, you have not seen anything yet. When you come into His presence in Praise and Worship you will know what I am talking about. There is nothing so awesome and fulfilling like praise and worship. Not even Nigerian, SierraLeone’s or Ghanaian “Jallof” rice comes close. As I meditated on the atmosphere, I kept asking myself why someone will miss Sunday service. And come to think that it was absolutely free. Ok, don’t tell me you have to give “offering oh”, after all no one will compel you to drop it before entering, and you are at liberty to give or withhold, it’s all up to you.

The “Word” we already know is the icing on the cake. With all the troubles Nigerians are facing, the word of God has a large chuck of the recipe. The heads of our families need to navigate the stormy waters. You will find a situation that looks like or even worse than yours, and testimonies of how Gods children overcame without compromising and debasing themselves in any form.

On a day that is declared father’s day, you will be doing your family a great pleasure when you take them to worship, and that will be the best legacy you might be leaving them than any other ice cream or chocolate. The society needs you to do that as well because if you don’t, someone else might mislead them that you may regret later in life. I have seen cases where the man will indulge himself, leave the family to their faith and when he finally sees the end result, the man comes complaining.

Whatever reason you may find, make sure you take your family out to Sunday church so that you can be entitled to all those blessings and plate full of “Jallof rice” if you are the “Sunday afternoon” rice type like me.

Happy Fathers day folks

Obidike Peter wrote from www.peterobidike.com and p_obidike@yahoo.com

Sunday 17th June 2018

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