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World Peace Can Be Achieved If We Make the Right Decisions

By Benjamin Obiajulu Aduba

Whenever I go to the Anglican Church service the benediction is always “May the peace of God which passeth all human understanding be with us.” This is in contradiction with George Orwell’s vision of endless wars as portrayed in his classic book “1984”. George Orwell seems to get it right and Philippians 4:7 seems to be wrong.

But we can achieve world peace if we choose to. Here is the plan.

But before we can strive to achieve World Peace we must first diagnose the causes of wars. At the root is the huge divide between nations and within nations called “the 1% VS the 99%” dilemma. It means that 1% of nations hold 99% of the available resources. The current US population is slightly above 300 million. US has more resources that the entire African population of 1.4 billion as does European Union with a population of 500 million.

The divide within nations is just as pronounced as between nations. Jeff Bezos alone has more wealth than more than half of US states and possibly more than the entire African nations. Such disparity will necessarily create jealousy and conflict.

Now to how to realize the promise of Philippians 4:7. We will start by correcting the divide between nations and within nations. In 2019 and going forward the most potential cause of war is immigration. America is calling for walls to prevent South Americans from entering US in large numbers. Europe is making similar calls to prevent Africans and Mid-Easterners from entering Europe. Politicians who make such calls and gaining adherents and it may not be long before they gain enough support to be in charge of both the political and economic power to make building walls possible.

But will the walls be sufficient deterrence to would be migrants. The answer is “no”. The natural law of “econotropism” will ensure that walls will not deter a hungry man from going to where food is available. And if walls fail rich nations will add “shoot to kill” to stop poor fleeing migrants from getting in. With genocide happening at many nations’ borders, citizens will begin rioting to protest the killing of migrants. Internal insurrection and external pressures will lead to wars between and within nations.

The solution and the prevention of wars are rather simple. If USA and Canada will create a Marshall Plan for South America just as she did for Europe after World War II, it will see the pressure on her borders go away. The investment of billions of dollars would lift most of the nations out of poverty. Construction of infrastructure will provide the youth with jobs and living wages. Investment in water supply, health, education, etc. will encourage better politicians to emerge as buying one’s way into office will diminish. With a prosperous South America USA/Canada will benefit just as it has done by rebuilding Western Europe.

If US is engaged in developing South America, EU should devote its resources to developing Africa. The results would be similar. Saudi Arabia and Israel would do the same for Middle East. Australia, China, and Japan will do the same for SE Asian nations.
With most nations doing relatively well, the peace of the God which passeth all human understanding will really be achieved as promised in the Holy Book.

How will this benefit the rich nations that devoted so much of its wealth? The existence of peace would mean that investments in war apparatus will diminish in both the developed world and developing nations. North Korea, Iran, Saudi Arabia, etc. that have desire for nuclear weapons will find they no longer need them as fears of war would have subsided. The nations that already have them will become less fearful and might reduce their arsenal.

As fewer people want to migrate, it may even possible that free borders as opposed to walls will become the order of the day because nations with increasing old people might open their borders to attract young blood from nations with increasing youth.
The visions of the 266th pope (Francis) a world without walls but open borders will be a thing of the past. And Anglican priests who invoke “May the peace of God which passes all human understanding be with you and remain with you now and forever” will see their dream become a reality.

God has won.

Benjamin Obiajulu Aduba
Boston, Massachusetts

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