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Xenophobia: You’re One Of Most Satanic, Immoral Leaders In African History, Activist Tells Ramaphosa


A Nigerian human rights activist and author, Comrade Paul Ikechukwu Njoku, has berated the President of South Africa, Cyril Ramaphosa, over the incessant xenophobic attacks, looting and killings of Nigerians and other foreign nationals who are resident, working and doing businesses in South Africa.

In a detailed press statement made available to us, Comrade Paul Njoku, described President Ramaphosa, as “one of the most satanic and immoral African leaders in history”.

He stated: “Without due respect to the office of the South African President, I sincerely categorise President Cyril Ramaphosa of South Africa as one of the most satanic and immoral African leaders in history. Mr. Cyril is evil.

“He preaches and practices xenophobia, hate, laziness, jealousy, low self-esteem and also thrives in human blood of his fellow African brothers and sisters who are simply living, working and doing legitimate businesses in his country. He represents every tie of servitude and emissary of immorality. He is unworthy to be a leader.

“Ramaphosa is unfit to be called someone’s brother, son, father or husband. He remains one of the most shameless and incompetent African leaders of all time. He has proved to be a sad seed and product of barbarity.

“He has indeed successfully “anointed” himself and the people of South Africa as symbols of African enmity by ruthlessly slaughtering large number of fellow African brothers in the streets of South Africa.

South African President, Cyril Ramaphosa

“He came to this earth through a womb of sword and shall be quickly returned by the heavenly sword. We will not forgive and forget these historic mass murder. There must be bitter and indelible consequences.

“I call on the African Union and United Nations to immediately sanction South Africa. South Africa must compensate for the lives and properties lost. We will engage them at the ICC in the Hague for this genocide.

“This technical actualization of the systemic and organised genocide was indeed endorsed by the South African President and utterly supervised by the South African Police, Military and other security agents.

“The South Africa security agents are not different from the attackers who target Nigerians. They are compromised. No one has been arrested for the attacks.

“The South African policemen laughed heartily at the scene of the genocide where fellow African brothers were burnt to death.

“In 2018, during his campaign for the office of the Presidency, Mr. Ramaphosa, openly endorsed a clampdown on African foreigners in his country. While standing on the podium addressing the large crowd, he promised to withdraw the goods and goodwill acquired by foreigners if and when elected into office.

“The World should note that the ongoing xenophobic attacks, looting and killing of Nigerians and other African nationals in South Africa was orchestrated by President Cyril Ramaphosa. He is the man behind the scene and must be promptly held responsible for this xenophobic genocide.

“Few days ago, the South African Deputy Minister of Police, Mr. Mkongi, xenophobically threatened in a national television that “South Africans cannot surrender their country to foreigners”. The Police junior Minister, lamented that “80% of Hillbrow is occupied by foreign nationals”.

“In fact, in his words, he said:

“if we don’t debate that, that necessarily means the whole of South Africa could be 80% dominated by foreign nationals and the future President of South Africa could be a foreign national. Foreign nationals are hijacking old buildings while locals don’t have anywhere to go. We fought for this country, not only for us but for generations of South Africans to live in harmony in non-racial, non-sexiest and prosperous South Africa”.

“Nigeria has been very helpful to South Africa since 1960s. For instance, Nigeria set up the National Committee against apartheid in 1960. The late Unny Okosun composed a song called “fire in Soweto” in 1977 to show support for the fight against apartheid. From 1966, Nigeria gave materials and financial support to the freedom fighters in South Africa. On April 4, 1961, the then Nigeria Prime Minister, Alhaji Tafawa Abubakar Balewa, sent letter to South Africa’s ANC militants showing support for their cause.

“Nigeria provided $5 million to the ANC and the Pan Africanist Congress (PAC) annually. In 1976, Nigeria set up the Southern Africa Relief Fund (SAFR) for the purpose of bringing relief materials to the victims of the apartheid. In 1977, Nigerian students skipped their lunch and collectively made donations to the tune of $10.5 million. This brotherly donation to the SAFR were widely known in Nigeria as the “Mandela tax”.

“Between 1973 and 1978, Nigeria contributed $39, 040 to the UN Educational and Training Programme for South Africa. Nigeria boycotted the 1976 Olympics and Commonwealth Games in 1979 as part of our protest against apartheid in South Africa.

“From 1960 to 1995, Nigeria spent over $61 billion to support the end of apartheid regime in South Africa more than any other country in the World. Nigeria refused to sell oil to South Africa in protest against the white minority rule. Nigeria lost approximately $41 billion which was our oil boom moment. As long as we fought apartheid, these monies meant nothing.

“Nelson Mandela was harboured and hidden in Nigeria for 6 months during the apartheid genocide against the blacks. He was saved from the death penalty in 1963/64 by the then Nigerian ex-Foriegn Affairs Minister, Jaja Wachuku, who perfected and aided his asylum in Nigeria.

“South Africans have proved to be fake friends and ingrates. Nigerians and other African nationals resident in South Africa must fearlessly defend themselves.

“As far as am concerned, South Africa should be a supposed “democratic” nation with a sound legal system. Criminal and Civil laws are well addressed in their constitution.

“Therefore, if any nationale commits an offence or breaks the South African law, the person (s) should indeed be appropriately charged according to the precipitation of the laws than being gruesomely burnt and slaughtered like bush animals in the streets.

“There is crime all over the world and the constitution is designed to punish the offenders. There is no moral justification for these senseless killings otherwise “xenophobia”. Nigerians and other African foreign nationals resident in South Africa must ruthlessly defend themselves,” Comrade Paul fumed.

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