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Yesterday’s IPOB rally at Aba and the rest of us ~ By Charles Ogbu

This is a video of IPOB rally in Aba. I hear they will continue until the govt either jail or kill them all.

They say they will let themselves be consumed by worms before letting a vindictive murderous sectionalist and his Igbo accomplices strip them of their right to assemble and express themselves as citizens of a free world.

Please don’t ask me to interpret that song. My ear drum is doing me one kain.

For me, this video is significant in more ways than one.

First, it speaks to the defiant spirit of the Igbo man in the face of a calculated attempt to break his spirit and keep him in perpetual state of psychological slavery and subjugation.

Last week, we saw video of IPOB members using mere sticks and stones to stop armoured tanks and battle-ready soldiers from gaining access into Nnamdi Kanu’s residence. Those guys knew that gun, fire and even bomb are useless against an armoured tank. They know the soldiers can easily decorate them with bullets and force their way into their leader’s house. They couldn’t have forgotten how this same army slaughtered hundredS of Shiites in Zaria just so their boss, Tukur Yusuf Buratai, could access the road. They know all of these.


They still put up resistance. Suicidal resistance.

Now, they have assembled in Aba categorically singing, “Okezie, the man who enjoys killing, we have come to Aba land, see us, come and kill us”. And this is just after the Fulani feudalists running this country secured an order officially proscribing their activities in Nigeria.

These guys are mostly shop owners who locked up their shops for this. Igbo man with a reputation for an almost intolerable level of money consciousness. Their Diasporean colleagues protesting in New York, London, Paris etc are mostly financially okay so you can’t reasonably describe them as miscreants. They are aware that their colleagues were killed and maimed and drowned in the most brutal manner by Nigerian army. They are aware that the army have declared them terrorists. They know the govt has equally secured a Nicodemus court order labelling them terrorists.

These guys are not unaware of all those hate-induced artificial odds against them.


They are not giving up in their quest to live like free people in their own land.

What does this tell you?

Wait…..let me help out:

It tells you that they are prepared to get what they want or die trying. It tells you that they are ready to get a fairer society for themselves and children or die trying.


These guys are saying, “If forced to make a choice between death and allowing you treat us like inferior beings, we chose death!”

In a nutshell, they are saying, there is something called dignity of the human person which is the right of every human being to live a normal life like a free human being without being treated like an offspring of a lesser god. When this thing called Dignity Of The Human Person is taken from a living being, even his life becomes life-less. They are simply saying:

President Buhari, army Chief, Igbo governors etc, we will not allow you deprive us of our dignity to live as free people with all the attendant rights and privileges in our own land.

To those of you who have been moralizing, theorizing, philosophisizing and intellectualizing about the grave institutionalized injustices of the Nigerian state against her federating units WITHOUT the courage to lift a finger with a view to confronting this hydra headed demon of injustice, but who waste no time in mocking these guys, the joke is on you!

You may call them fools and what have you but in the end, you’d discover that you are the real fools because if you have exhibited up to 5% of this uncommon courage, determination and suicidal resistance in the face of different Nigeria-induced demons holding down your region and people including your personal life, you’d be living in an Eldorado right about now.

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