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Yoruba National Global Directorate rejects FG new Covid-19 restrictions

A group, Yoruba National Global Directorate, YNGD, has rejected the new Covid-19 restrictions imposed by the federal government.

In a statement by the group’s Director, Princess Adeola Atavero Olamijulo, titled: “Re: Reintroduced Covid-19 Restrictions”, the organization disowns the objective of the new restrictions.

The statement captured by our media on Tuesday May 11, 2021, read:

“It has come to the notice of the Yọruba National Global Directorate, a purported restriction on the movement of the citizens of the Yoruba Nation by midnight of Tuesday 11 May, 2021. The statement is credited to Presidential Steering Committee of the federal government of Nigeria. We wish to let citizens of South Western Nigeria (Yoruba Poeple) know that upon the expiration of the Force Majeure presented to the Federal government of Nigeria which declared the 1999 Constitution illegal and the failure of the Gen Muhammad Buhari-led government to respond to it, the Presidential Steering Committee on Covid-19 does not have any power whatsoever called to restrict or impose curfew on the movement of our people in Yorubaland.

“We urge our people to go on their normal businesses and stay calm. Please do not attack or harras any one, but if you are harassed or attacked, defend yourself to the maximum.

“The Federal government wants to use the opportunity to bring in more foreign fulani and weapons of mass destruction to all the parts of the South West.

“If you see any trailer covered or carrying people or goods, stop them and command them back to where they are coming from. Ensure that you see them off beyond the borders of Yorubaland.

“Moreover, we urge Yoruba cities not to relent their planning of the Peaceful awareness Mega Rallies as scheduled without fear or intimidation by the then Nigeria government.

“It is noteworthy that Yoruba people of South Western Nigeria are resolute to defend the territorial integrity of our ancestral land. We shall not be intimidated or cowed by any illegal authority”.

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