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Yoruba Oduduwa agitators condemn arrest of Rabbi who suretied Nnamdi Kanu

Say we will fight with Igbos if full scale war breaks out

Yoruba agitators, under the auspice of Oduduwa Liberation Christian Congress (OLCC) has condemned in strong terms the  arrest of the Jewish Rabbi who stood as surety for Mazi Nnamdi Kanu when he was granted bail in 2017.

OLCC made the assertion in a statement signed by its director, Comrade Raphael Adewale issued in Texas, USA.

Comrade Adewale lamented how “the Fulani-controlled Nigerian Army” arrested the Rabbi and “accused him of being the second in command to Ikonso, the late ESN commander that was murdered by the Fulani-controlled Nigerian Army”.

Adewale informed the general public that the Agitators of Yoruba Nation Republic, under the umbrella of Oduduwa Liberation Christian Congress is standing in solidarity with their Igbo friends and neighbours.

He stated categorically that a harm on the Igbo nation is a harm on the entire Yoruba Nation.

Therefore, he said, “should the ethnic crisis lingering between the Fulani and the Igbo eventually breaks into a full scale war, we Yoruba sons and daughters will without any hesitation throw our support on our Igbo friends.

“We advise both parties to trade with caution and consider any other possible ways to resolve their differences, so as to avoid the avoidable calamity that would befall on us all should another civil war begin,” he concluded.

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