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You Hate America/ Trump And Think China A Good Alternative?

  • The inevitability of a Super Power Emerging Makes Choosing a Lesser Devil the Alternative

  • It does not matter how much you hate Trump or America, the world will always have a Super Power

Some Africans can be very funny sometimes. In their anti-West and Pan-Africanist nature, they tend to forget what the bigger picture entails.

You mention China, and some of these Pan-Africanist entities would wanna exonerate them of any wrongdoings amidst Uncle Coro brouhaha. Their attitude becomes that of my-enemy’s-enemy-is-my-friend

You mention Trump and America and the same entities will lay the blame squarely on Trumps’ America. Like, they behave as if the reason why people are calling China and WHO out is that they support Trump forgetting that their own countries in Africa were also abused by WHO and the Red Regime in China.

If we are able to look beyond American politics, we would also see that China and their Ethiopian co-conspirator at WHO through their deliberate misinformation, TANKED the world economy and have caused thousands of deaths in your own countries as well and that this has nothing to do with whatever decisions Trump has taken to protect his own people..

It does not matter how much you hate Trump or America, the world will always have a Super Power and from what has unfolded so far with Uncle Coro, if you had common sense, you would realize that China must not be allowed to become that.

As an African, I know it that the current race is a race to embrace the lesser EVIL and until we are able to mass-up enough resources in Africa to challenge these guys, we should settle for the lesser evil, the subtle evil. China is a BLATANT EVIL.

Given the opportunity and as suggested by their penchant to give our useless leaders “unrepayable” loans, it is clear that China is in Africa to do exactly what the WEST have done to us, only, China will be more ruthless while the West have continued to be subtle. Nothing proves this more than how China have allowed the world to suffer for their Corona wickedness.

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