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You prosecute Nnamdi Kanu & allow terror bandits to walk freely, Omokri blasts Buhari

A former media aide to President Goodluck Jonathan has lambasted President Mohammadu Buhari over his open romance and lukewarm approach in prosecuting terror herdsmen, now rebranded as bandits.

The fiery US based pastor who is also known as “Buhari tormentor” has asked President Mohammadu Buhari how many terror herdsmen or bandits terrorising the peace of the north he has been able to prosecute? But his administration has expended so much effort prosecuting the leader of the Indigenous People Of Biafra who is only calling for a separate nation because of injustice.

Reno in a statement said terror bandits who posed in a picture with Sheik Gumi should have been arrested. He said paying ransom will only lead to more abductions.

He further said Israel and Russia never negotiated with terrorists rather they were liquidated and brought an end to terrorism.

Reno said, “How many killer herdsmen or bandits has Muhammadu Buhari prosecuted? Yet, look at the effort he made to prosecute Nnamdi Kanu.

“Bandits who posed for photos with Gumi should have been arrested. Paying ransom only leads to more abductions. NEVER negotiate with terrorists. Instead, liquidate them. That is how Israel ended their terror problem.

“That is how Russia ended their Chechen terrorism. The moment you begin to negotiate with terrorists, you legit one them. You give them credibility. Nigeria did not negotiate with #Bitcoin that brings money into the country. We just banned it outrightly.

“So, what moral authority does our government have to negotiate with killer herdsmen and bandits who are bringing only sorrow tears and blood to Nigeria?”

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