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Your Belief In One Nigeria Admirable, Buhari Tells Party Coalition



“I respect your consistency, firmness, integrity and steadfastness,” President Muhammadu Buhari Friday told the leadership of the Coalition of Progressive Political Parties, which visited him at State House, Abuja.

The coalition had endorsed the candidacy of President Buhari for next month’s election, just as it also did before the 2015 poll, and a delighted President declared:

President Muhammadu Buhari receives in audience Coalition of Progressive Political Parties (CPPP) in State House on 18th Jan 2019, PHOTOS: Bayo Omoboriowo

“I am happy with your decision to continue to support us. I respect your consistency from 2015 to date.

“Your belief in one Nigeria is admirable. This visit has raised my morale; you support us quietly, without noise, and it encourages us to press on.”

Leader of the coalition group, Bashir Yusuf Ibrahim, said the endorsement of President Buhari for a second term in office was due to the many successes of the administration, including, strides in the fight against insurgency; efforts to redress the country’s huge infrastructural deficit; and the yeoman’s fight against corruption, among others.

President Muhammadu Buhari with Coalition of Progressive Political Parties (CPPP) in State House on 18th Jan 2019, PHOTOS: Bayo Omoboriowo

He pledged that the coalition would campaign for President Buhari round the country, confront fake news with facts and figures, adding that a formal declaration of their support would be made soon.

Members of Coalition of Progressive Political Parties include: Advanced Allied Party; Africa Peoples Alliance; Freedom & Justice Party; KOWA Party; New Progressive Movement; Peoples Democratic Movement; Accord Party; Sustainable National Party; New Nigeria Peoples Party; Unity Party of Nigeria; United Progressive Party; National Democratic Liberty Party; Nigeria Elements Progressive Party; and Yes Electoral Party.

Femi Adesina

Special Adviser to the President

(Media and Publicity)

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