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Youth Education, A Panacea for National Development ~ Ifeanyi Okonkwo


Full remarks by Hon. Ifeanyichukwu Okonkwo (Onwa) who was the guest speaker at an event organized by the Students Union Government of Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka, today, 20th June, 2017. 


Distinguished and erudite men and women of Nnamdi Azikiwe University Student Union Parish, I stand before you with a sense of deep Humility and Pride. 

Respectfully – Humility in the weight of the great Zik of Africa, our hero and architect of our political history in whose name this great Institution was named.

Pride in the reflection that this Students Union Government Week, represents the body of leaders of our tomorrow and human agents of change in the purest form, yet devised. 

In this hall today is centered the hope; aspirations and faith for a new society. 

With humility, the Education of the Youth starts with the State’s Education Policy which is driven by the Political Leadership. 

Education is a tool for service and the basic ingredient in the preparation for a nation’s better future.

The efforts of any Leadership to provide an effective educational policy must be a priority for any government.

Educational programmes should be the vision for the growth and empowerment of the citizenry that will overcome live challenges and dominate their environment.

Educational goals calls for proper planning and financial investment , for adaptation with changes in attitudes, new values, material conditions and social ethics in relation to the cultural values of the people in the dynamics of societal development. 

I respectfully submit, that adequate investments in Educational programmes must, meet the requirements of the changing youthful population which are essential for the development of the society. 

I respectfully contend that the Nigerian Youth is mentally in prison. Some Nigerian Youths from the Southern Part of the Country elected to belt away from the Country for better opportunities where they could use their skills positively.

But unfortunately, returning to Nigeria is a blockage that some learned Nigerians tag them as strangers in Nigeria; hence the elation in referring to full citizens of Nigeria as ‘Diaspora Nigerians.’ Please educate me, if you ever heard any one called ‘Diaspora American’ or ‘Diaspora South-African’ ?  

Gentlemen and Ladies, I submit that without a new Leadership that understands the relationship between – Justice and Peace, the national spirit will be vacant. 

Nigeria will be doomed if the youths are uneducated without cultural blend, and an Honour code. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE NIGERIAN YOUTHS ?

The problems of our youths underdevelopment is both man made and psychologically induced by poor and uninspiring leadership.

The Nigerian crisis in the Temple of leadership , is as a result that, our leaders are not building new leaders.

This condition created a situation that the Nigerian Youth is his/her own HERO.

They cannot afford to get Education !

They cannot afford to pay for Hospitalization !

They cannot afford accommodation !

They cannot get a Job !

They are faced with quota system against merit !

They cannot afford to get Married !

They cannot have a voice in the affairs of our Community !

The cost of dying is unbearable !

Criminality in Nigerian high offices; robberies in government businesses; party politics without intellectual content; and the organized-crime brand, in both our public service and private lives in Nigeria have reached a critical level that threatens our collective existence as human race. 

It is a threat to our young men and women, to our senior citizens, to our institutions, to our cultural values, to our hopes and aspirations, to our family values and our faith in God. 

I contend that our youths are not responsible for the external factors that systematically create breeding grounds for social disorder in our communities. 

Our President, Governors, Ministers, Legislators, Commissioners, Senior Civil Servants, Judicial Officers, Clergies, Captains of Industries, Senior Officers in our uniformed services , and all those maintaining silence in the face of evil in the society, are the architects of the crisis in our nation.

Do not look at yourself, although we are holding the short end of the stick of power that could make changes in our nation. We have the internal responsibility of doing everything we can to solve the problems that are destroying the fabric of our lives. 

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