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Youth group gives conditions to Buhari to stop #EndSARS protest

The League of Young Leaders have written President Muhammadu Buhari listing conditions to stop the ongoing nationwide #EndSARS protests

This was contained in a statement made available to ElombahNews on Wednesday issued by the Public Relations Officer League of Young Leaders, Mr. Olumuyiwa-Aschor Babalola.

The protestors call for the President to issue an executive order to effect the following 5 short term practical directives in order to end our protest against police brutality in Nigeria:

1) Establish citizens rights and freedom to video record all police interactions/engagement, and to later be included in the human right act.

2) Mobile gadgets are a personal and private belongings, any law enforcement agent interested in investigating anyone for whatever reasons should seek an high court warrant to gain access to suspect’s private devices.

3) SWAT shall not have the right to roam the street of Nigeria indiscriminately with sophisticated weapons or carry out stop and search. The services of SWAT shall only be effective as a backup team to provide extra fire power to regular law enforcement officers at a crime location.

4) Clear fines and punishment for violators of a newly set rules of engagement, brutality or harassment.

5) SWAT team must put on retrievable body cameras when going on a joint mission or a hit. Failure to provide recording of an event should warrant a severe punishment.

See documents below:

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