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Youths’ plight: The hopelessness in our hope ~ by Nneka Eloms


A divided house hardly survives, it is more Honorable to anchor a leaking ship, sail ashore and mend fences.

Regrettably, Nigeria has become a land where honour means nothing; a country where doctorate is no difference from thuggery.

It means nothing because certain bad behaviour(s) have successfully been institutionalized, According to them, no brother in the jungle, the same people who asked that we be ” Our brothers keeper’s!”

So calling anyone to do the right thing because he eered is akin to beating drums for the deaf. But all is not yet lost as the system can self-correct or be forced to correct itself.

The problem of internal democracy in Nigeria from the elitist angle is the ascendancy of the comprador bourgeoisie , the acclaimed professors; the rule by mercantilist political middle class – (who do not consider the people or common man in their agenda or policies).

These are people who see a political party as a trading commodity, buy them off and use them to win elections, only to turn around to milk the treasurer .

Compradors are merchants, usurers, feudal lords and tribal aristocrats who are against party interest for either personal or ethnic advantage.

How do the electorates trust political institutions when they only give birth to undemocratic system, systems that do not adhere to democratic givens..

The hopelessness in our hope is what many Nigerians call being a Nigerian, a very negative phrase in all ramification.

Being a Nigerian is what one sees everyday in the political space, a professor cheating and manipulating processes, a Pastor going to Juju priests for success, a doctor selling fake drugs to the sick, and the list goes on and on.

The process gives birth to a system that wouldn’t allow equal rights and justice, it births the process where the worst leads the best.

The Hopelessness in our hope is the scary fact that the so called leaders of Tomorrow don’t even recognize that tomorrow is fast disappearing!

The Hope we had to make democratic means our mission has dried up in the middle of a raining season, the “ancient un-ageing professional politicians” has turned our hope, hopeless!

Everlastingly laying solid foundation for the youths whom are supposed to fight for internal democracy in political parties to remain as SSA ,SA, EA and social media charlatans.

How do you say the youths are the leaders of Tomorrow, when today is that tomorrow, and you are still selling expression of interest and nomination form for 20 million and above?

And somehow, some youths managed to purchase this forms, only for us to hear that they were disqualified by a party called All Progress Grand Alliance (APGA).

Ndi APGA, nke abuzi kwa nke anyi?

The youths in Nigeria are now endangered species, a group of persons whom the blood tasty elites has kept below poverty line.

Our history as a country sounds like a big joke.

Somewhere in Nigeria, a Governor is in power because he came 4th in an election.

Dear Nigerian youths, our hope is indeed, Hopeless!

Lady Nneka Eloms

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