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YPP Rejects Nnewi North House Of Assembly Election Result

Condemns the actions of the Returning Officer, Dr. Alabuchukwubuike Eugene



YPP rejects in its entirety, the announced result of the Nnewi North State House of Assembly elections where cancelled votes were about 6,000 and the difference between APGA and YPP was 848 votes


Sequel to the just concluded State House of Assembly election held on Saturday, 9th of March, 2019 which saw the premature and wrongful declaration of the results by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) in favour of the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) candidate, Mr. Nonso Smart Okafor, the Young Progressives Party (YPP) wish to make the following salient points;

That evidences abound of widespread irregularities across numerous polling units in Nnewi North LGA, especially Nnewichi Wards 1 and 2, which was fully supported by certain INEC and security officials in order to avail APGA an undue and unmerited advantage.

That the Commission cancelled results in 8 Polling Units which boasts of a cumulative voting strength of about 6,000 votes. It goes without saying that these cancelled Polling Units are YPP strongholds.

That the Returning Officer, Dr. Alabuchukwubuike Eugene, in a rather unprofessional and insincere manner, failed to recognize and announce the number of cancelled votes before, during and after the collation and announcement of the results, even when it is on record that the YPP Local Government Party agent submitted a PROTEST/COMPLAINT letter at exactly 1:24am on the 10th of March, 2019, informing the Returning Officer of the widespread irregularities and the need to declare the election inconclusive.

That the current results stands at:

APGA – 13,231 votes

YPP -12,383 votes

PDP – 2,452 votes

APC – 271 votes

That when mathematics of an elementary level was carried out, it shows that APGA led YPP with a margin of 848 votes.

A breakdown of our position on the cancelled votes is stated as thus:


  1. PU 001 with a voting strength of 695
  2. PU 002 with a voting strength of 455
  3. PU 021 with a voting strength of 586
  4. PU 022 with a voting strength of 612


  1. PU 017 with a voting strength of 461
  2. PU 019 with a voting strength of 863


  1. PU 020 with a voting strength of 1,302


  1. PU 006 with a voting strength of 823

Total cancelled votes – 5,797

In view of the aformentioned and taking into cognizance the number of cancelled votes, we wish to ask 3 PERTINENT QUESTIONS:

  1. On what grounds did Dr. Alabuchukwubuike Eugene who was the Returning Officer of the Nnewi North House of Assembly election declare the candidate of APGA winner?
  2. Based on the fact that cancelled votes which totalled about 6,000 and the difference between APGA and YPP currently stands at 848, should the election not be declared inconclusive and a supplementary poll conducted?
  3. Is it not a dubious act on the part of the Returning Officer who is supposed to be a holder of a Doctorate degree and an epitome of uprightness to deliberately ignore and fail to announce the names of the cancelled Polling Units?

A good example of this scenario is the 2019 Ogun East Senatorial elections where Prof. Chris Onwuka declared the election inconclusive as Senator Mustapha of the APC polled 84,929 votes and Mr. Adeola Sosanwo of the PDP polled 82,457 votes while cancelled votes were over 13,000.

In the words of Prof. Onwuka, “If the election is being conducted, it can sway the decision in any direction. Based on the principle of INEC, the election is going to be declared inconclusive”. Another good example is the 2019 Kogi East Senatorial elections where some polling units were cancelled.

The Returning Officer, Prof. Rotimi Ajayi declared the elections inconclusive because the number of cancelled votes were more than the difference in votes between the 2 leading parties, APC and PDP. In these two instances, a re-run was ordered.

This is a sardonic and undemocratic development which raises serious concerns about the 6,000 disenfranchised and cancelled votes in various YPP strong holds.

For the commission to flagrantly cancel votes in YPP strongholds and even go ahead to declare the APGA candidate winner is pure illegality, brazen theft of votes and corruption.

Beyond reasonable doubt, yesterday’s election was indeed a sham that was characterized by vote suppression, intimidation of voters and the collaboration of INEC and the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) to subvert the will of Ndi Nnewi north.

We strongly call to question, the sincerity of the electoral officers regarding their failure to raise issues on the irregularities that characterized the voting pattern, deliberate cancellation of results in the said polling units as well as a deliberate omission of the cancelled votes during the entire collation process.

We hereby boldly affirm that the results are not a true reflection of what happened in the field and reject the result in its entirety.

INEC only played a script written by the Government of Anambra. There are enough evidences to prove that the election was neither free nor fair, neither was it credible. There is no greater tyranny than that which is perpetrated under the shield of impunity and in the name of democracy.

As a responsible party committed to progress, respect for the rule of law and democracy, we hereby urge our members and all the good people of Nnewi North to remain calm and peaceful, as a petition and formal complaint has been sent to INEC highlighting the gross electoral irregularities and malpractice that bedeviled the elections as well as the dubious declaration made by the Returning Officer, Dr. Alabuchukwubuike Eugene.

Further consultations on the next line of action are currently underway.

Finally, we wish to express our sincere gratitude to our teeming supporters who came out en masse to ensure that YPP, a party barely three months old in the affairs of Nnewi North and Anambra State matched other parties who have existed for over a decade, toe-to-toe in the just concluded elections. Together, we will continue to take YPP and Anambra State to greater heights.

God bless Nnewi North!

God bless Anambra State!

God bless Nigeria!


Prince Obi Moses

Chairman, Young Progressives Party, Anambra State

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