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Zenith bank officials kneeling down to beg Fayose, the truth revealed


begging fayose

Abimbola Olawunmi Olajumoke-Adeniyi wrote:

The man Kneeling down in the picture below is Bunmi Falana, a.k.a Bumshaka. Egbon, Bumshaka is one of the Ayo Fayose’s boys together with Egbon,Goke Olatunji [G.O.K] Fayose’s P.A in the past. Goke and Bunmi were together with Ayo Fayose during the 2003 Governorship struggle against Otunba Niyi Adebayo the then incumbent Governor.

begging Fayose

When Fayose emerged as the Executive Governor of the State, he appointed Goke as Personal Assistant, while Bunmi [Bumshaka] was said to inform Fayose that he preferred a career job, hence he was fixed with Zenith Bank via the capacity of Ayo Fayose, and for his banking purposes.

He was brought in to handle all his banking transactions till 2006 when Mr. Fayose was chased out of Ekiti State Government House following his impeachment. After this regrettable rein of Mr. Fayose in 2006, Bunmi Falana [Bumshaka] was transferred by Zenith Bank to Ifo branch of zenith bank in Ogun State until 2014 when he was expectedly transferred back to Ekiti at the commencement of the June 21, 2014 Governorship Election Campaigns in the State as requested by Gov. Fayose.

This transfer request and the promotion of Bunmi as the Branch Manager are part of the conditions Gov. Fayose gave Zenith Bank before he could have confidence in any transaction with the Bank. About the ongoing drama titled, Ayo Fayose’s Election fund by Zenith Bank; Fayose strongly felt disappointed in his boy [Bumshaka] in which the said boy realize and thereby resolved to beg his boss who by his chances rise to his present status in the Banking job.

To the notice of the General Public, Bunmi Falana a.k.a Bumshaka begs Gov. Fayose within his individual capacity, and NOT on behalf of the Zenith Bank. The way Bunmi Falana dramatised, by kneeling down to beg Gov. Fayose in the presence of the Zenith Bank Executives was strange, but left with no choice than to be short of words.

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